Well dam

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*Hides from pitch forks and angry mob* Hey guys what's up? *growling noise from angry mob* okay I knew I haven't updated but let's jot take it to far let's put out those fires and put the pitch forks back in my shed. Okay now that is done I'm detecting this chapter to... @Blueasthewater and Katie_Crabb
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Rose POV🌹🐱
Ugh!!!! I can't take this much longer. Ever since "Jalla" got together and Edward has not stopped being a sad weirdo. He just mopes around and looks tired. Emmett just seems happy about being able to tease Bella and make her blush but I know he is also good insane cuz of Edward. But I am going to put a stop to this. next week is Bella and Jacobs anniversary and I am getting her a diary. If all goes well....let's just say things will be better.

Jasper POV🐸🍀
Mixed emotions....

"EDWARD!" I yelled running into his room.

He looked up from where he was mopping and said "what do you want?"

"I want you to having so many emotions!"

"I can't Jazz" Edward said sighing" it's just I'm happy for Bella that she's happy but I'm sad that I'm not the one making her happy so then I get mad that she never told me she liked him so then I get upset that she doesn't trust me but then I'm jealous that she trust someone else more than me and it starts all over again."

I laugh and say "Are you on your period?" I say walking over to his calendar.

Edward ignores me and says"Your lucky your not in love man. Love is a b***h"

"Who says I'm not?" I say without thinking."

"Who is the lucky girl do tell!" Edward says acting like a gossiping teen.

"S**t" I muttered when I realized what I said

"Is she pretty? Smart? Is she in your grade? Does she know yo...." I stopped listening and started thinking of Alice. Was she pretty? No. Was she was drop dead beautiful? Heck yeah. Smart? Yes! Was she in our grade? No but a year behind.

"I don't need your gift to tell your in love man." He said getting up and walking past me "oh and dad said we are getting Starbucks"

I realized my mistake to late. Edward read my mind and heard all the things I said (or thought) about Alice!!!
I ran after him and pinned him to the wall. I was always good in body combat.

"If you tell Alice I swear I will tell Bella" I said in hopes to intimidate him.

"First off Bella wouldn't care she had Jacob" he said this with pain but continued" second she wouldn't believe you and third turn around smart allic" this he said smirking.

Slowly I turn around to see Emmett recording this.


Emmet stopped recording and ran off towards the girl's side of the house. I jumped on him but he threw the camera at Edward before we both fell. Edward ran into Alice's room and fell on his face.

Hahaha that idiot.

I was about to pick up the camera,which landed in Alice's closet only to fine she had already picked it up and was watching it. When Alice finished she looked up and asked "tell me what? And what did mom say about pinning people to the wall."

"oh nothing we were just messing around Alice you know us guys" I was freaking out.

"um something was happening here and I want to know or else I show mom the video." she said sternly

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