Emoji challenge

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Hello people sorry but this is not an update this is *dramatic music* my emoji challenge. So WICKEDisGOOD__ challenges me to describe myself In five emojis and I'm ganna try.

📚- Books are my LIFE!!!!! I can not live with out books. Touch my books and I will personally see you into Hades' underwear.

🎶-I love music. I have weird music taste but it's mine and that's good enough for me.

🍼-I love baby's and children in general. I will babysit any day just to spend time with babies (that made me sound like a stalker didn't it...).

🎤-Thing I'm worse at? Singing. Thing I do the most? Sing. Must I say more?

🏊-I love the water. I'm pretty sure while girls my age where playing with dolls I was underwater. And I may or may not be a child of Poseidon...the test will tell me where I belong...

So yeah I'm a weird person but I now get to nominate people!!!!!!*insert evil laugh*





So these were picked at random except my school friends and if your reading this...YOUR BEING NOMINATED!!!! If you don't have a book to put it in leave your challenge in the comments. Peace out my friends I'm ganna start typing up the next chapter!!!!!

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