Dont worry

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               POV BELLA
That night I could have sworn I felt some one slip into my bed after an hour into the night. I look to the side to see Edward.
"What are you doing Edward?" I ask still half asleep.
"I... I had a nightmare." he says close to tears.
I can't help it. It hurts to see his face so sad and hurt. I hug him like there is no tomorrow.
"It's okay what was it about Eddie?" I ask knowing he hates that name Emmett gave him.
"Hey I thought you were the only one that didn't call me that?" He says in a false frown but he can't keep that up much longer because he smiles but his face goes back to being sad as fast and it turned happy.
"We were at school and then daddy came to pick us up but he left us in the woods with a backpack of food but we couldn't live so then you were doing dying and then you said you liked me and then I...i kissed you and you died in my arms." Edward said crying.
I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. I hugged him so tight I could have sworn he gasped.
"Room....getting....dark...." Edward said gasping.
"Oops sorry Eddy." I said pulling away.
"It's okay" he said pulling away.
"I really do like you." I told him.
"Really!" Exclaimed an excited Edward.
"I also like you too bells"
"But your my brother"
"No I'm not" Edward said confused.
"Yes I am. Just like Emmett and Rose." I explained
"No none of us are related. we are all adopted."
"Adopted "I asked 100% confused." what's that?"
"Daddy hasn't told you?"
"Told me what?"
"Oh" said Edward yawning. "I'm tired we can ask daddy in the morning."
"Okay eddy" I called him by his nick name to get back at him for not telling me.
"Not fair Bella ballerina." he said into the dark.
Please don't kill me *raises arms to protect her face from the pitchforks and stakes* I know i haven't updated in a while....or a month.... But I'm sorry I'm doing bad in science. I have a B-. To me that's bad. so anyways I'd like to thank all the new readers that are voting for my story thank you so much!!
So anyways should I skip ahead to when thy are about 10
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