Carlisle's POV

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   I was walking back when I hear crying from about maybe 1/3 of a mile from here. I am a vampire but only my mate, Esme, knows that. We have adopted 5 wonderful human children because my Esme can't have children. I look for the source of the tears, and I see a young man maybe 20? He is holding a knife over a baby girl!! I run at full speed and place the first thing I have. My bag now has a hole in it but I don't care. The baby is okay and right now that's all that matters. I recognized the boy from the hospital. His wife had had a baby girl motto long ago. This must be her. I am shocked at what I just caught Charlie doing. He looked like the happiest man on Earth when their daughter was born. I asked what he was doing only to be told to tell the baby he loved her. I held her in my arms waiting for her to feel my cold body but she just kept on sleeping. I ran home and showed her to Esme since the kids were still at school.

   "Oh my god she is so gorgeous!! Carlisle where did you find her?" Cried Esme. I told her the story and here eyes filled with venom. We decided to keep her.

  "I'll pick up the kids while you get to know Isabella" I told my wonderful wife around 2 p.m.

   "Okay but hurry back we have so much to do!" said Esme.

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