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XxCoffeeQueenxX:I have a dare for Steven's payback I dare him to pretend to cheat on Peridot >:3

Steven: I would usually feel guilty about this but after what Peridot did...I'm honestly excited.

  Steven thought about who he could pretend to cheat on Peridot with. He can't ask any of the Crystal Gems...that wouldn't be believable. He thought until Connie crossed his mind. Connie would make a lot of sense since she did use to like him. Peridot and Connie didn't like each other in the past since they were jealous but two years have passed and Connie has moved on. Things between the two of them are actually really good.

Steven: But would it be smart to spark up jealously again?

  Steven thought it over before he shrugged. It's just a dare. Steven took out his phone and called Connie telling her about his plan. She agreed and came over to his house.

Steven: So this is the plan. Peridot is gonna be here any second. You talk about how you like me and stuff and I'll just improvise. Then you kiss me on the cheek.

Connie: Ok. I kind of feel bad for peridot though.

Steven: It's fine. I'm getting her back after what she did to me. We'll all laugh about it later.

   Connie gave Steven a nervous smile. They waited a few minutes until Steven heard Peridot come through the door downstairs.

Steven: Ok now!

  Peridot had landed in front of the temple and leaned her trash lid against the wall. She went inside and was confused to see the temple was empty. Not even amethyst was around rummaging in the fridge. Maybe they were on a mission? But Steven knew she was coming at this time. He wouldn't have left without at least leaving her a text. She was about to call out his name when she heard talking coming from upstairs to his room.

Connie: I know this is really sudden.

  Peridot looked up at the room suspiciously and slowly made her way up the stairs. When she was closer she was able to distinguish who was speaking.

Connie: I love you, Steven. I know I said I moved on by it was a lie. I never stopped loving you.

  Peridot's eyes widened when she realized that it was Connie. Her fists tightened and she resisted the urge to stomp in there and punch that filthy human across her face. She resisted the temptation, her curiosity to hear what Steven had to say overruling her anger. She stood close to the door being as quiet as possible.

Steven: Connie...I never knew...

Connie: Please leave that dumb green Dorito and be with me.

   Peridot scowled and leaned closer against the door. Steven and Connie were on the other side, trying their hardest not to burst out laughing. Steven took a deep breath to calm himself before continuing.

Steven: I'm glad you told me this Connie because...I love you too.

   Peridot eyes widened and she stood feeling like the wind was just knocked out of her. She leaned in closer hoping that what she just heard was wrong.

Steven: I regret choosing Peridot over you. I want to be with you.

  Peridot trembled slightly both with anger and with disbelief. She couldn't believe this. After everything they've been through and he's going to leave her to be with Connie. Peridot grit her teeth feeling tears well in her eyes but she pushed them back.

Connie: Oh Steven! You have no idea how happy I am!

Steven: Me too! I can't wait to get rid of peridot and be together with you.

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