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MemeMasta1500: I dare Peridot to tackle Steven by surprise!!
Peridot: Finally! Here's my chance to get Steven back for all of those stupid dares.
Peridot walked around searching for Steven until she found him walking along the beach.
Peridot: Nyhehehe.
Peridot sneaked behind Steven before she pounced on him doing a battle cry. Steven yelled in surprise and tried to keep his balance but he failed as he and Peridot tumbled to the ground.
Steven groaned and put a hand on his head. He looked back at Peridot who was also rubbing her head.
Steven: Are you okay?
Peridot: Yea I'm fine.
Steven stood up and held out a hand to help Peridot up. Peridot took it.
Steven: What was that for?
Peridot: It was a dare and for all of those times you did stuff to me.
Steven: Yea I should have expected it.
They both laughed and decided to walk along the beach together.

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