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joshuaisashipper96: Hey peridot i dare you to gather all the gems and watch camp pining hearts and record them XD

Peridot: Yes! We're all gonna watch my favorite show together!
Steven: Okay but please don't rant on about how Percy and Pierre are meant for each other. It's really boring.
Peridot crossed her arms and looked at Steven sternly.
Peridot: But they are! Your just too caught up in your stupid little kids show to fully appreciate this amazing and complex show.
Steven: Hey. Crying breakfast friends is not a stupid little kids show. It's an awesome show full of complex emotions and-
Peridot: Crying. Lots and lots of crying. The show can't go 3 seconds without another of the characters crying. And can I just say that the fact that the characters are food and they can talk is completely unrealistic.
Steven looked at Peridot like she was completely insane.
Steven: What about pumpkin. He's a vegetable and he can move around and stuff like Crying breakfast friends.
Peridot: First of all pumpkin can't talk. He acts like a dog. And second the only reason pumpkin can do that is because of your gem powers. What's the explanation for Crying breakfast friends?
Steven: Um..........I don't know.
Peridot looked down smugly at Steven. She had him right where she wanted him.
Peridot: Exactly. Camp Pining hearts shows real humans with actually realistic events. Crying Breakfast friends does not which proves my point it its a kids show.
Steven narrowed his eyes at Peridot as he grumbled in annoyance.
Why does she have to be so smart?
Steven: Well even if Camp pining hearts isn't a kids show it doesn't mean it's a good show. It actually really sucks.
Peridot: Oh yea. And what proof do you have of that?  
Steven: Um........
     Steven did have a few things to say about the show but they weren't as advanced as Peridots and anything he'd say, Peridot would easily be able to find a smart remark to it. Steven glanced down in thought until an idea came into his mind. Since the gems are coming he can ask them if their options on the show. Steven smirked and crossed his arms.
Steven: Well the gems are coming soon and they've never really seen Camp pining hearts but they have seen Crying breakfast friends. When they get here they can tell us what they think is better and I know there going to pick Crying Breakfast friends. Then that'll prove my point that my show is better.
Peridot: Yea we'll see. But I'll win over your stupid show.
Steven: Ugh. Stop calling it stupid! It's not like yours is any better!
Peridot: My show is far superior to yours and it always will be!
Steven: Ha! You wish! I can't wait to see the look on your face when I win!
       They continued to argue until they heard a low cough fill the air. They whipped their heads towards the sound and saw the gems standing by the door, watching the whole thing.
Amethyst: Are you guys done now? I want to watch the show so I get back home and look through my stuff.
Steven: Oh um yea.
    Steven led them to the couch and set up the camera on top of the tv so they'd get a perfect front view of everybody.
Steven: There. It's all set up.
Pearl: Okay well let's hurry up and watch...........whatever this is.
Steven: Get ready to lose.
Peridot: Hm. Shut up Steven.
      Steven looked at Peridot in shock and frowned. He crossed his arms angrily scooting away from Peridot before starting the show. The show started with its usual characters ranting on about how their different teams and stuff like how they loved each other. Peridot watched the screen excitedly, listening to every word, while Steven just rested his head on his hands and rolled his eyes. Garnet didn't say anything as she just stared at the tv with an emotionless expression on her face. Amethyst looked at the screen and cringed every few minutes and how cheesy and mushy everything was. In fact it was so cheesy to her hat she tried to keep herself from bursting out in laughter and making fun of the whole thing. Pearl however seemed to actually enjoy the romance tv show smiling as she sat back in her seat.
Amethyst: Ugh.
The show went on for another 15 minutes before it was finally over and the tv went black. Amethyst sighed in relief that it was finally over and she'd get to go home. Steven and Peridot both stood in front of the gems. They were both confident that their show was better then the others.
Steven: Okay now we need to ask you what show you like better. Crying Breakfast friends or Camp pining hearts?
Amethyst was the first to stand up and walked over to Steven putting an arm around his shoulder.
Amethyst: I'm with Steven. Camp pining hearts was just too cringey for me.
Steven looked over at Peridot who seemed annoyed by Amethysts decision.
Steven: Okay. Pearl?
Pearl: Actually I really liked the show. I thought it was surprisingly entertaining.
Pearl stood up and walked next to Peridot. Peridot smiled at Pearl happily. Now it was all up to Garnet. Her choice depended on what show was better.
Steven: Okay Garnet it's all up to you.
Garnet stood up and stood in between the two not saying a word. Steven and Peridot waited anxiously for her answer so they could find out who was right.
Garnet: Neither.
Steven and Peridot stepped back in shock. That's not the answer they were expecting.
Peridot: What? But you have to choose one!
Garnet: I think both shows are bad so I pick neither.
So then who won? Steven and Peridot looked at Garnet in shock as she led the gems out the door. Now how are they going to resolve their issue. Garnet was almost out the door until she turned around and flashed a smirk at them.
Garnet: Your fight is also stupid. You shouldn't let a tv show come in between you relationship.
Amethyst popped out from behind the door as well.
Amethyst: Yea its really stupid.
The gems all left leaving Peridot and Steven alone. They looked down at the ground as they thought about how stupid there argument really was. They fought like little children over the stupidest things. Steven sighed and couldn't but to chuckle as he put a hand on Peridots shoulder.
Steven: There right. It's so stupid it's actually funny.
Peridot chuckled as well at the thought.
Peridot: It was stupid........I'm sorry.
Steven: There's no reason to be sorry for such a small thing. Eveythings fine.
Peridot: Yea and anyway since Garnet chose neither, our shows are equally as great.
Steven: You're right.
Steven grabbed Peridots hand and pulled her closer to him.
Steven: Your so smart.
Peridot smiled before she leaned in and placed a quick kiss on his lips.
Peridot: Thanks Steven.

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