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stevidotshipper: I dare peridot to get Steven back with a tickle attack!!!

Peridot: Yes!! Revenge!

   Peridot creeped up behind Steven who was watching crying breakfast friends.

Peridot: Revenge is mine!

   Peridot tackled Steven and started to tickle him making him laugh loudly.

Steven: P-Peridot. Hahaha! S-Stop!

Peridot: No. Not until you say i'm sorry the oh so great and lovable Peridot.

Steven: Ok! Ok! J-Just stop tickling me first!

    Peridot stopped tickling him and waited for his response. Steven took a few deep breathes before he smirked.

Steven: Nope.

   Steven ran off leaving Peridot to sit there in shock.

Peridot: Hey! Get back here you clod!

  Peridot chased him around the house until he was backed into a corner.

Peridot: Your trapped. Just say it or i'll tickle you to death.

Steven: Fine. I'm sorry the oh so great and lovable Peridot.

Peridot: Good.

Steven: And cute. 

Peridot: I'm not cute!

Steven: Sure you are.

  Steven hugged Peridot tightly.

Peridot: Don't make me tickle you again. 

Steven: No. I think it's my turn to tickle you.

Peridot: Wha-

   Steven picked Peridot up bridal style and started to carry her away. 

Peridot: Hey! Put me down.

Steven: Nope.

Peridot: Ugh! Make sure to give us more questions and dares. 


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