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JeremyDavis723: I dare Peridot to do the impossible and test Steven's patience and make him angry.

Peridot: That's going to be difficult. Steven rarely gets angry. I suppose it's worth a try though.

Peridot walked over to Steven who was sitting down eating some cereal.

Steven: Hey Peridot.

Peridot: Hi Steven.

Peridot looked at the cereal and smirked as an idea came to her head. It was very mean but it's the only thing she can think of to make him annoyed. So she picked his bowl of cereal and poured it over his head so it got all in his hair and ran down his face. Steven sat there completely shocked and dropped his spoon.

Steven: Peridot!

Steven quickly stood up and grabbed a towel to clean himself.

Steven: What was that for?

Peridot: Oh I don't know. Just that thing you call a prank.

Steven: Well it wasn't very funny.

Peridot: Are you angry?

Steven:....*sigh* No, it's fine. Besides, how could I get angry at you?

Steven smiled as he dried his hair that was drenched in milk. Peridot knew she'd have to try harder than that. Much harder. Steven decided to go take a shower to get the milk out of his hair. He came out a little bit later completely clean like nothing had happened.

Steven: There now that I got this stupid milk out of my hair, I can watch Crying breakfast friends.

Peridot rolled her eyes at the mention of that ridiculous show. He still watched that show, which she thought was stupid. She found it very childish and the fact that they cried for everything never ceased to annoy her. He'll probably end up making her more annoyed that she can make him, which just made her more determined to try. Steven doesn't get angry very often and she wanted to achieve that today.

Steven: Wanna watch it with me? I know you hate it but-

Peridot: Sure.

Steven was surprised at her quick answer. She never wants to watch it with him. He was actually excited that she could possibly be taking an interest in one of his favorite shows, or at least giving it a chance.

Steven: O-Oh ok! Let me just wash the dishes and then we'll watch it.

Peridot nodded before heading upstairs to Stevens's room. She had the perfect idea to annoy Steven. She grabbed the remote and started to mess around with the tv's settings before she changed it to the way she wanted. She smiled mischievously as she heard Steven heading up the stairs.

Steven: Great. Now we can watch it.

Steven smiled as he wrapped an arm around Peridots shoulder and turned on the tv. As the show started Steven noticed something wrong with the tv. For some reason, everything on the tv was tinged green. Even though it wasn't much of a change it was still distracting and annoying when trying to watch the show. Steven stood up and tried to fix it but he just couldn't figure out the controls. He groaned in frustration and turned to Peridot.

Steven: Peridot. Why isn't the tv working?

Peridot smiled and shrugged.

Peridot: I don't know.

Steven didn't believe her for a second, she smiled had given her away.

Steven: Peridot I know you did something. Can you please come and fix it.

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