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summerellaaaa: I dare peridot to tell Steven she wants gemlings

Peridot walked up to Steven confidently, who was by the stove, about to make some pancakes. She tapped him lightly on his shoulder and he glanced back at her smiling.
Steven: Morning Peri.
He leaned over and planted a kiss on her cheek before turning back towards his pancakes. Peridot coughed lightly trying to gain his attention but his only focus was on his stupid pancakes. Peridot huffed in annoyance and smacked him lightly across the head.
Steven: Hey! What was that for?
Peridot: I have to tell you something. It's very important.
Steven turned off the stove and turned towards her. He didn't understand what was so important but he better listen to her or she'll hit him again.
Steven. Ok. What is it?
Peridot took a deep breathe before deciding to just blurt it out.
Peridot: I want to have gemlings.
Steven stood there in silence for a few seconds taking in the information. For a second peridot thought maybe he didn't hear her correctly until he let out a loud scream scaring the stars out of Peridot. He screamed until Peridot put a hand over his mouth.
Peridot: Steven! Don't be so loud.
She hesitantly moved her hand away from his mouth and he just stared at her as if she was crazy.
Steven: Y-You want......what?
Peridot: I want gemlings Steven.
Steven: This is a joke......right? This is just another one of those dares!
Peridot shook her head trying as hard as she could to keep a straight face. Sweat was visibly seen falling down his face as he started to get very nervous. He's not ready to have gemlings yet. He's only 14! Steven took a seat, trying to calm himself down. He grabbed peridots hand and pulled her closer to him
Steven: Peridot.......I'm not ready to have gemlings!
Peridot: But Steven, I truly believe that we're ready. I really want to have gemlings with you.
Stevens face heated up as she moved even closer to him. He was hoping this was a joke but it was getting harder to believe. She seemed so serious about it. He's not having gemlings now but it looks like she really wants them. He doesn't want to let her down but he just can't have gemlings.
Steven: I'm sorry Peridot but I can't.
An idea crossed her mind that made her want to smile. She knew Stevens reaction would be funny, at least to her. She pouted her lips and stared at him for a few seconds before she burst out crying.
Steven jumped in surprise and stared at her as she fell onto her knees and started to cry and have a mini tantrum like a little baby. He thought she'd be upset but not this upset.
Steven: P-Peridot!
He got down on the floor with her and started to panic trying to think of something to calm her down.
Steven: Calm down peridot. I-it's not that bad. We can have gemlings in the future ok?
Peridot continued to cry making Steven wince. This was a very......out of character thing for her to do but either way he hated seeing her cry.
Steven: Please don't cry peridot. We can buy a puppy or something.
Peridot calmed down and sniffed wiping some the tears off her eyes.
Peridot: Aw really?
Steven: Yea we can buy as many puppies as you want.
Peridot: Oh that's great because I don't want gemlings.
Steven: What?
Peridot laughed hysterically and stood up as Steven just sat on the floor in confusion.
Peridot: It was just a dare Steven.
Steven stared at her for a few seconds before he stood up and walked past her. Peridot chuckled loudly and followed him as he climbed up the stairs to his bedroom.
Peridot: Oh come on Steven don't be like that.
Steven ignored her and plopped down on his bed, his back facing her.
Peridot: Steven?
Peridot smiled and kneeled down in front of him.
Peridot: I'm sorry.
Steven rolled his eyes and smiled before leaning over and placing a quick kiss on her lips.
Steven: Don't do that ever again. I really thought you were serious.
Peridot: I wasn't. But what if I was.
Steven blushed lightly and looked away.
Steven: I'd get you a dog instead.
Peridot chuckled at his cuteness and placed a kiss on his cheek.
Peridot: Come on. You still have pancakes downstairs.

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