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SUShipper: Steven, i dare you to throw a pie in Peridots face. 

Steven: Oh you've got to be kidding me.

Amethyst: Pfftt! This is gonna be hilarious!

Steven: Ugh. She's so gonna kill me after this.

  Pearl walks in carefully holding a fresh baked pie.

Pearl: Steven. Look at this perfectly baked lemon meringue pie i made. It took me almost three hours to make. I thought i'd never be able to do it but i did. 

Steven: That's great Pearl. 

  Steven took the pie out of pearls hand and waited towards the door for Peridot to walk in.

Pearl: What are you doing-

Steven: Shhh. She'll be here any minute. 

  Amethyst covered her mouth as she waited anxiously for Peridot to come. Pearl just stared at them confused as to what was going on. Peridot soon walked through the door looking down at her tablet.

Peridot: Steven! Look at this th-

  Steven smashed the pie against Peridots making her scream out in surprise. Lemon was smeared all over her face as she stood there in surprise. Amethyst burst out laughing as she looked at Peridot, then pearl, then back at Steven. Pearl stood there horrified that her creation was destroyed.

Pearl: M-My pie. That took me almost three hours to make!

   Peridot wiped the pie away from her eyes so she could see. Steven stepped back chuckling as the two gems stepped towards him. 

Steven: Hehe. Surprise? 

Pearl: Steven!

Peridot: Steven!

    Steven ran as fast as he could as Pearl and Peridot chased him around the house.

Pearl: Get back here mister. Your helping me make another pie.

Peridot: You're lucky i can barely see because of your stupid confectionery deserts in my vision spheres you clod!!

   Amethyst just stood by laughing until Peridot tackled Steven and started slapping him.

Amethyst: Hahahaha!! P-Please remember to keep asking us questions and giving us dares so we can keep doing stuff like this. Seriously this stuff is hilarious!

Steven: Amethyst h-help me!

Amethyst: Yea in a few minutes. Bye.

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