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CuteMikeyKitty: Peridot I dare you to make Steven jealous.

Peridot: Make Steven jealous? How would I do that.
Amethyst: Hmm. You need to find another boy to make him jealous.
Peridot: But  I don't know any other boys.
Amethyst: You're right.......I'll be right back.
    15 minutes passed by until Amethyst came back with a human boy. She dragged him inside the house and closed the door behind her. Peridot saw his shirt which had the name Apollo on it.
Apollo: Hey! What's the big idea.
Peridot: Amethyst!
Amethyst: What? I brought you a boy for your dare.
Peridot: You kidnapped him! Isn't that breaking the rules here on earth.
Amethyst: Who cares were gems not humans.
Apollo: Why did you bring me here. Who are you crazy ladies!
   Apollo stood up. He was slightly taller than peridot. He had brown hair and light skin with blue eyes. He wore blue jeans with red shoes and a beige colored shirt that his name on it. He wore a blue sweater over it. Peridot couldn't help but to think that this Apollo was actually kind of handsome. Apollo looked angrily at Amethyst until his eyes went Peridot. He slightly blushed but shook it away.
Apollo: Would you mind if I left now?
Amethyst: You can't leave you have to help us with a dare.
Apollo: Why me!
Amethyst: Because you're perfect your almost Peridots size and.....how old are you.
Apollo: I'm 14.
Amethyst: Your Stevens age too. This boy is perfect for the dare.
Apollo: Who's Steven?
Amethyst: Peridots lovey Dovey boyfriend.
   Amethyst clasped her hands together making kissy noises. Peridot blushed as he pushed amethyst slightly.
Peridot: Amethyst cut it out.
Apollo: Why can't you get someone else to do it.
Amethyst: Because we have no one else.
Apollo: Well I'm not doing it.
Amethyst: If we gave you money would you do it.
   Apollo tapped his chin thinking about it.
Apollo: What do I have to do.
Amethyst: You and Peridots have to flirt. That should make him jealous.
Apollo: Hmmmm....fine how much do I get.
Amethyst: Ten bucks.
Apollo: Only ten! No I want more.
Amethyst: Fine! 15 and that's it.
Apollo: Okay.
Amethyst: You greedy human.
    Apollo sighed in annoyance as he crossed his arms.
Apollo: When does this start.
    All of a sudden the warp pad activated.
Amethyst: Quick go outside when he comes out just start flirting or something.
Apollo: What about my money?
Amethyst: You'll get it after your done. Now go.
   Peridot and Apollo walked outside. The warp pad activated and the gems including Steven appeared.
Steven: Well that was a great mission right guys.
Pearl: Yes. You should have came Amethyst.
Amethyst: Nah.
Steven looked around in confusion before he walked up to amethyst:
Steven: Hey do you know where peridot is?
Amethyst: I think she's outside.
   Steven walked towards the door and was about to open it until.....
Amethyst: I saw her with some boy.
   Steven stopped and his grip on the handle tightened.
Steven: You what?
Amethyst: Yea. She was with a boy.
   Amethyst saw Stevens face scrunch up in anger.
Steven: Well do you know who he is?!
Amethyst: No.
   Steven walked outside the temple and saw Peridot talking to Apollo. He growled lowly as he saw Apollo put his hand on Peridots cheek.
   Steven marched down the stairs and started to listen in on their conversation. He watched as they talked and flirted making Steven more jealous.
Apollo: You know your a very beautiful girl.
Peridot: Thank you.
    Steven couldn't stand to watch anymore as he felt jealousy boil inside of him. He put his hands in his pocket and walked over to them.
Peridot: Hey Steven.
   Steven just glared down on Apollo making a bead of sweat fall down his forehead. Amethyst was watching from a distance and laughed at how scared Apollo looked.
Peridot: This is Apollo. I met him at.......at....the big donut.
Steven: You went there by yourself.
Peridot: Yes. I borrowed some money that I found on top of your drawer. Hope you don't mind.
Steven: Hm.
Peridot: I met Apollo while I was ....buying a donut and...I said hi.
     Steven crossed his arms in anger when he heard that peridot initiated the conversation.
   Apollo leaned his arm on Peridots shoulder.
Apollo: Yeah peridot is really cool and she's pretty too.
   Steven balled his fist and stared at Apollos arm on Peridots shoulder.
Steven: Get off of her.
Apollo: What if I don't want to.
  Amethyst covered her mouth.
Amethyst: Oh bad move Apollo.
     Steven ripped Apollo off of peridot and pushed him. Apollo almost fell but managed to find his balance and Steven put an arm around Peridot. Peridot couldn't help but to chuckle at Stevens reaction. Apollo stormed towards Steven. He was almost there but Stevens bubble appeared out of no where. Apollo hit his head in the protective bubble making him groan.
Apollo: What the?
   Steven smirked and let the bubble pop which sent Apollo flying until he hit the ground.
Steven: Stay away from my peridot.
    Peridot blushed lightly at Steven saying my peridot. Steven walked towards Apollo until Peridots grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. He looked at her in confusion as she laughed.
Peridot: Steven it's just a dare.
Steven: What?
   Amethyst came out of her hiding place and laughed uncontrollably.
Amethyst: That was priceless!
Steven: What are you talking about?
Peridot: It was a dare Steven.
Amethyst: That's just some boy we payed money to do this.
Apollo: Yea after you kidnapped me.
Peridot: Wow Steven I never knew you were so protective of me.
Amethyst: Yea it looked like you were about to beat the crap out of Apollo.
   Steven scratched the back of his neck as a light blush appeared on his face. Steven walked over to Apollo and helped him up.
Steven: Um I'm sorry.
Apollo: Its fine. Can I have my money now.
Amethyst handed Apollo the 15 dollars.
Apollo: I was just suppose to come here on vacation but this place is cool. I think I'll come here more often. Anyway I'm gonna go now.
Peridot: Bye Apollo.
   Apollo waved goodbye as he walked away. Peridot grabbed Stevens hand.
Peridot: I hope you're not mad at me.
Steven: No. Just don't tell me you'd do that for real.
Peridot: Of course not.
   Peridot kissed Stevens cheek as Steven blushed.

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