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SU Ship Opinions by WarriorsUniverse
SU Ship Opinionsby WarriorsUniverse
Just a book of opinions on ships in Steven Universe. Feel free to comment your opinion or any ships you want me to do! Remember: These are MY opinions! So please don't g...
This Weird Feeling Called Love -stevidot ff by sparkleytrash
This Weird Feeling Called Love sparkleytrash
Peridot experiences a new feeling that she has never felt before but she doesn't know what it is or why she's feeling this way . But with the help of Steven , she will...
Peridot ¡IA! by GendouUribe
Peridot ¡IA!by Gendou Uribe
La vida joven de un chico con una alguien bastante especial. A un tris de separarse, luchan por estar juntos mientras alguien los acecha. Ella es importante, muy importa...
Steven Universe x reader (Stevidot) by CharlottesFiction
Steven Universe x reader (Stevidot)by CharlottesFiction
In the future, Sapphire and Ruby broke up, Connie is cheating on Steven, a new Jasper appears, and... love. Peridot falls in love with Steven. Will Stevidot ever be real?
Steven of the Stars by Erebessa
Steven of the Starsby Erebessa
What if our favorite space dorito had actually managed to kidnap Steven in Catch and Release? What if that kidnapping didn't go as planned? What if a bad person such as...
Blue Zircon x Yellow Zircon by WizBean
Blue Zircon x Yellow Zirconby wizard mcbean
The critically acclaimed "Blue Zircon x Yellow Zircon" is one of the top rated Zircon fanfictions on Wattpad. How do I know this? I don't, I'm just assuming so...
The perfect match by denisetocipher
The perfect matchby I eat fandom stuffs
Unexpected things can happen. An enemy can be a friend. A friend can become much more. Love moves in mysterious ways and that is why Love can't be manipulated. What i...
Stress relieving book or something { Oneshots, short stories, ect } by FireyAndLeafyLover
Stress relieving book or FireyAndLeafyLover
[ Fandoms that will mostly appear: Object Shows { Most likely BFB } , Steven Universe, (possibly) Adventure Time, Pokemon and Warrior Cats ] So this is a stress relievi...
Fanfiction Realm by Aqua-Dash
Fanfiction Realmby ♡𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵♡
A collection of a wide range of fanfiction stories.
Ocean Tides by Aqua-Dash
Ocean Tidesby ♡𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵♡
Lapis has been neglected ever since she was a child, locked away as punishment whenever she went against her parents. It was to teach her a lesson to never disobey them...
What is this feeling? (Stevidot Fanfic) by lexirl_216
What is this feeling? (Stevidot Official_Stevidot
Steven and Peridot are madly in love with each other. But they don't know how to deal with their feelings and keep thinking that they don't have the same feelings for ea...
Stevidot pics by lexirl_216
Stevidot picsby Official_Stevidot
A collection of pictures that are just about Stevidot 3 pictures everyday
Era of Feelings (A Steven Universe Fanfiction) by __sashimi-sho_zi
Era of Feelings (A Steven sashimi
Peridot has been living on Earth for quite sometime with a roommate and a pet pumpkin. She always thought Steven was a kind and caring human that helped her overcome the...
Who to choose by topfanreader
Who to chooseby topfanreader
Steven starts to build an relationship with lapis and peridot but he can't choose who. Lapis and Peridot go through rough times. Who will get Steven Lapis or Peridot?
Ship Opinions by Greninja_games
Ship Opinionsby Greninja_games
Hey everyone! I thought for my first story I would do a ship opinion thing for su and undertale. Feel free to reccomendme any ships.
Christmas SU One-Shots {Completed} by Clouds-n-Cotton
Christmas SU One-Shots {Completed}by Ho(e)kage
Hope y'all enjoy my one shots!
This Sad Truth by Da_Crystal_Gems
This Sad Truthby Kayla Marie Kriel
Description part of book. I do not own any of the characters. Rebecca Sugar does.
The Heart vs The Mind (on hold while being rewritten) by Katie_Bear015
The Heart vs The Mind (on hold Katie
(This story takes place after Lapis leaves) Peridot and Steven seem to be getting close. But with Homeworld a threat will they be able to realize their love?
Stevidot Pics by cutecandy12aj
Stevidot Picsby Susan soto garibay
Some maybe be sad or funny hope you enjoy it