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stevidotshipper: Can Steven and peri kiss???
Peridot: You want us to kiss?
Steven: 😳...Oh.....w-well....um.
Peridot: It's a dare so we got to do it. Steven: Yup. Hehe.
Stevens thoughts. *Oh my God this is so awkward!*
Steven wraps his arms on Peridots waist while Peridot lets her hands rest on his shoulders. They slowly lean in until their lips finally touch. They stay like that for 5 seconds and then they part.
Me: Awwwwwww!! Wait do it again! I didn't get a picture.
Peridot: But-
Me: Do it again!
Peridot: Alright. Alright. *whisper* You don't have to yell at me you clod.
They kissed again but this time it was for 10 seconds and I took thousands of pictures.
Me: Ok, got it. You guys are so cute.
Steven blushed as peridot giggled and kissed his cheek.

Thank you stevidotshipper for giving me all these questions and dares. I hope you enjoyed my cheesy kiss scene. (I'm not good at writing kiss scenes)

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