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stevidotshipper: Awww! I dare you guys to stay away from another For 1 week!
*of course the author Can shorten that to one page*
Steven: A whole week! But I'll miss my peri so much.
Peridot: And I'll miss my pebble so much too.
Amethyst: Guys you have to do it. Come on it won't be so bad.
Steven: Ok fine. I'll have amethyst to make sure I stay away from you and you'll have.....
Lapis: Me!
Steven: Oh hey lapis. sure.
Amethyst: Alright and the dare starts....now.
  Day 1:
Peridot: Lapis! Quick it's starting.
Lapis: I'm here I'm here did I miss anything?
Peridot: No it just started.
Lapis: We haven't watched Camp pining hearts together in a while.
Peridot: Yes I've always been at the temple with Steven or something. Maybe this dare will be good for us. It'll give us some time away from each to do other things.
Lapis: Yea.
Meanwhile with Steven.
Amethyst: I still don't get why you watch this.
Steven: This is the best show ever produced. I love crying breakfast friends.
   Amethyst rolled her eyes as the pear started crying again.
Amethyst: Anyway how are holding up without Peridot.
Steven: I'm feeling okay actually. I'm sure we'll be able to get through this.
Day 2:
Peridot: Lapis in gonna go to the temple.
   Peridot was about to walk out the barn until Lapis flew in front of her.
Lapis: You can't go to the temple. Steven will be there and you two can't see each other remember?
Peridot: ........oh yea. I forgot.
  Peridot turned around and  walked back to the couch feeling a little sad.
Meanwhile with Steven
   Steven was laying comfortably with lion on the beach watching the waves.
Steven: How do you think Peridot is doing lion?
   Lion just stretched and yawned, closing his eyes.
Steven: Yea I don't know either.
Day 3
Peridot: Lapis does it count if I called Steven?
Lapis: You can't call Steven. You can't see each other at all.
Peridot: Ugh fine. Then can I look at a picture of Steven.
Lapis: Um.... I don't think so.
Peridot: That's not fair.
Lapis: Too bad.
Meanwhile with Steven.
Steven: Amethyst! I'm bored.
Amethyst: Well what do you usually do at this time.
Steven: I'm with Peridot.
Amethyst: Jeez are you two with each other everyday.
Steven: Yes.
Amethyst: You guys are like lovesick birds.
Steven: I know. Isn't it great?
Amethyst: Ugh come on let's go find something for you to do.
Day 4
Peridot and Lapis were sitting near the beach so Peridot could take her mind off of Steven.
Peridot: *gasps* Lapis look.
Lapis: What?
Peridot: This seashell is pink. It reminds me of Steven.
Lapis: Oh my stars.
Peridot: I wish I could go see Steven.
Meanwhile with Steven.
   Steven tiptoe out of the house trying to be as quiet as he could so Amethyst wouldn't hear him. His plan was to go see Peridot without Lapis or Amethyst knowing. He knew he would have broken the rules of the dare but he didn't care. (Hey I rhymed!) He just wanted to see Peridot.
Amethyst: Steven! Where do you think your going.
Steven: Um.... I was going to.... to the
Amethyst: You were going to see Peridot weren't you?
Amethyst: Come on.
  Amethyst dragged Steven back inside the house.
Amethyst: I bet Peridot is doing a better job then you.
Day 5
Peridot: Lapis let me go!
Lapis: No you can't go and see Steven. What about the dare.
Peridot: I don't CARE about the dare!
   Peridot tried to escape but Lapis picked her up.
Peridot: L-lapis. Please let me go.
Lapis: No I'm sorry Peridot but you can't see Steven.
Meanwhile with Steven.
Steven: Is this really necessary?
Amethyst: Steven you literally made me chase you down a hill. This is necessary. You can't go and see peridot.
Steven: But why?!
Amethyst: Because it was a dare.
Steven: But how am I suppose to use the bathroom if my hand is tied to my bed!
Amethyst: Just tell me and I'll let you free.
Steven: whatever.
Day 6
Peridot laid on the couch her face buried into it. Lapis walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.
Lapis: Don't worry Peridot just one more day left and you'll get to see Steven.
Peridot: But I want to see him now.
Lapis: I know.
   Lapis heard a small chuckle come from Peridot. Lapis looked at her confuse until a white powder was thrown into her face making her vision blurry. Peridot ran until she was all the way outside.
Peridot: Yes! FREEDOM IS MINE!
   Peridot ran as fast as she could her focus on getting to the temple. Peridot continued to run until she was tackled by a blue figure.
Peridot: No! You stupid clod. I was almost there.
Lapis: Uh what did you put in my eyes?
Peridot: Just some white powder in a bottle called baby powder. I found it lying around in here.
Lapis: Well thanks a lot cause now I can't see.
Peridot: You'll be fine. Just let me go see Steven.
Lapis: No! Let's go I'm taking you back to the barn.
Meanwhile with Steven.
Steven: Amethyst. Amethyst. Amethyst! Amethyst!! AMETHYST!
Amethyst: What?!
Steven.....Can you please untie me.
Amethyst: No you'll just escape and go see Peridot.
Steven: Can I go see Peridot.
Amethyst: N-No!
Steven: You know isn't this child abuse!
Amethyst: No, it's not.
Steven: Ugh. I can't wait for this dare to be over.
Amethyst: Yea and I can't wait for it to be over so I don't have to hear your complaining!
Day 7
Peridot: Yes finally I can go see Steven.
Lapis: Ok peridot now I'm gonna release you and we're gonna calmly walk over to the temple so you can see Steven-
   Peridot ripped out of Lapis's grip and started running towards the temple. She never ran so fast in her life as she saw the temple come into view. She smiled when she saw Steven walk outside of the temple.
Peridot: Steven!
  Peridot tackled Steven making them both fall to the ground.
Steven: Peridot I missed you so much!
   Steven and Peridot hugged each other and laughed. They were so happy they were finally able to see each other. Peridot placed a kiss on Stevens lips making Steven blush but he quickly kissed back.
Amethyst and Lapis watched and sighed.
Amethyst: Finally its over.
Lapis: I hope I never have to do this again.
Amethyst: Yea it was really pathetic watching how desperate they were to get near each other.
Lapis: I know peridot literally threw baby powder in my face. But it is kinda cute.
Amethyst: Yea I guess.

  I know you wanted me to make this into one page... or at least I think you did I didn't completely understand what you meant but it's really hard for me to make any of the things i write into one page. Sorry.  Anyway I hope you enjoyed!

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