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Leopaws_YT: I dare Peridot to pour cola on Stevens face while he is sleeping for revenge.

Peridot: Yes! Revenge!! Nyehehe.
     Peridot opened the fridge and took out a can of cola. She then walked up to Stevens room where he was sleeping on his bed. Peridot opened the can of cola and walked up to Steven quietly.
Peridot: You know I heard this stuff can take the paint off of cars. Will it burn Stevens face off?............whatever.
     Peridot poured it onto Stevens face making his eyes shoot open. He screamed loudly before he fell off of his bed and landed on his face.
Peridot: Hahahahahah!!
     Steven rubbed his eyes so he could see.
Steven: Ugh! It burns!
Peridot: That was hilarious! You should have seen your face.
Steven: Why do you always do this stuff to me in my sleep?
    Steven stood up and walked downstairs to rinse his face with water.
Steven: Now my eyes burn.
Peridot: Hehe. Sorry. It was a dare, a really good dare.
    Peridot looked at the can that was still in her hand. It still has some left.
Peridot: I wonder what it tastes like.
     Peridot took a sip and her eyes instantly widened as her throat burned from the cola. She coughed loudly and threw the can, accidentally hitting Steven in the head.
Steven: Ow!
Peridot: Ugh.....T-This stuff is horrible. How do you humans drink that?
       Steven shrugged as he rubbed his sore head.
Steven: I don't know. I guess we like the burning. Peridot: Ew. Oh and sorry about throwing the can at you.
Steven: It's fine.
    Peridot walked over to Steven and planted a kiss on his sore forehead. Steven blushed lightly as he looked to the side.
Steven: Thanks.

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