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Gray_Territe_Glitch: Hey Steven, I dare you to fuse with Peridot, and try to stay fused for as long as you can.

Steven: That'll be easy. Me and Peridot can stay fused for a very long time.
Peridot: We work very well together.
Steven: Come on. Let's do it.
Steven grabbed Peridots hand as they stood in the middle of the room. He quickly twirled Peridot around before he grabbed her waist and dipped her. They smiled before Steven planted a kiss on her lips making their gems glow. They fused together creating watermelon tourmaline.
Watermelon: It's feels great to be me.
She stretched her limbs and looked around the room wondering what to do.
Watermelon: I guess I could go out to Beach city and find something to do.
Watermelon walked out of the house and towards Beach city.
Watermelon: Let's get a donut.
    Watermelon walked into the Big Donut where Sadie and Lars were talking.
Watermelon: Hi Lars. Hi Sadie.
Sadie: Um......Sorry but do we know you?
Watermelon: Oh yea you never met us. I'm the fusion between Steven and Peridot.
Sadie: Oh really. You do look like them.
Watermelon: Yea. My name is Watermelon Tourmaline but you can just call me Watermelon.
Sadie: Oh cool.
Lars: So you actually fused with that green brat.
Sadie: Lars!
    The fusion glared at Lars.
Hey! I'm not a brat. I'll show that clod.
No Peridot. It's not worth it.
Let's just grab the donuts and get out of here or we're gonna unfuse.
     The fusion crossed her arms and snatched the the bag of donuts from Sadie's hand. She handed them the money before leaving.
Sadie: See what you did.
Lars: Well sorry.
    Watermelon sat down on a bench and munched on her donuts.
Watermelon: What else should I do?
   The fusion thought for a minutes until she decided they could watch a movie. They went back to the temple and sat down on Stevens bed and munched on some Popcorn.
Watermelon: Wasn't I just eating donuts.
     Watermelon just shrugged as she continued to eat the popcorn. As she was watching the movie her eyes started to grow heavy and she fell asleep.

Next day

Watermelon walked downstairs to see Amethyst raiding through the fridge.
Watermelon: Hey Amethyst.
    Amethyst turned around and smiled.
Amethyst: Hey! You guys fused!
Watermelon: Were doing it for a dare. We have to see how long we can stay fused.
Amethyst: Pfft. Good luck.
     Watermelon looked at Amethyst in confusion.
Watermelon: What's that suppose to mean?
Amethyst: Well you know......You guys are a great couple but you guys can't stay fused for so long.
    Watermelon crossed her arms.
Watermelon: Why not?
Amethyst: Because if even the slightest thing sets you off you guys will unfuse.

Who does she think she is?! We will not unfuse.
Well maybe she is right. We always unfuse because of you.
No we don't! Maybe it's you!
In what way is it me?
I don't know! Stop attacking me!
I'm not attacking you I'm just asking you a question!
Whatever you clod!

Amethyst: Um are you okay?
     Watermelon snapped back to reality and realized that she was glowing and her face was distorted. Their argument is causing them to unfuse. Watermelon took a deep breathe and closed her eyes making her turn back to normal. Maybe Amethyst is right. 
Watermelon: I'm fine.
Amethyst: Okay..........anyway, there's gonna be a mission soon. Do you wanna come.
Watermelon: Yes! Now everyone can see my amazing powers!
The gems came out of their rooms and stepped onto the warp pad.
Amethyst: Come on!
Watermelon walked towards the warp pad.
Pearl: Oh did Steven and Peridot fuse?
Amethyst: Yea. There trying to see how long they can stay fused.
Garnet: Glad your joining us.
     Watermelon smiled as they warped away to the kindergarten.
Garnet: We need to search for any corrupted gems and poof them.
Watermelon: Got it.
Garnet: We'll split up. I'll go by myself, Amethyst you go with Pearl. Watermelon........
Watermelon: I know.
The gems all spilt up looking around for any signs of a corrupted gem. Watermelon looked around for what seemed like hours but there were no corrupted monsters. Watermelon sigh impatiently.
Those stupid corrupted monsters are always here at the wrong times but when we finally want one to show up there no where to be seen.
I'm sure we'll find one soon.
  All of a sudden a loud screech came from behind them. The fusion whipped around and was happy to see a corrupted gem running towards them.
Watermelon: Finally!
    Watermelon summoned her shield and threw it at the monster causing it to screech in pain. It rushed towards the fusion but she used her floating powers to jump high into the air and land behind it. The monster looked around for her but couldn't find her.
Watermelon: Ha!
    Watermelon threw her shield at its head again making it whip around to face her.
Peridot stop messing with it.
What?! I'm just trying to have some fun. Show the readers our cool powers.
     The monster charged towards them once again. The fusion smirked before she used her metal powers to stab it in the chest with a piece of metal. The corrupted gem let out a screech of pain before it poofed at its gem landed on the ground. Watermelon bubbled the corrupted gem and sent it off to the temple.
Watermelon: Well that was easy. I should probably go look for the gems.
     Watermelon searched around the kindergarten for the gems. On her way there she encountered a few corrupted gems which she easily destroyed, until she found the gems.
Watemelon: Hey guys.
Pearl: Oh good we were just looking for you.
Garnet: Did you find any corrupted gems?
Watermelon: Yup.
    Garnet nodded.
Garnet: Let's head back home.
    The gems walked back over to the warp pad.
Amethyst: Man I wish I could've seen you guys fight.
   Watemelon smirked before she crossed her arms.
Watermelon: Me too.
    The gems warped back to the temple and continued on with their day.
Watermelon: Now what am I gonna do?
Watermelon sighed in annoyance because their was nothing to do.
Watemelon: I'm sure there'd be something to do if we were apart.
Watermelon looked down at her hands before she sighed.
Watermelon: I guess I could take a walk around Beach city.
Watermelon walked outside and started to head towards Beach city. As she was walking she ran into someone she did not want to see.
Connie: Oops sorry-
Connie looked up at the fusion and glared.
Connie: So you two fused.
Watermelon: Yes. Is that a problem.
   Connie crossed her arms and looked off to the side.
Connie: Oh no not at all. It's just such a shame, me and Stevens fusion was much prettier then you and more amazing.
Watermelon clenched her fists as she glared at the human
Ugh! That little clod!!
Watermelon: Oh well it's too bad no one will ever get to see that fusion ever again. Anyway I have somewhere I need to be.
Connie scoffed as Watermelon walked past her.
Connie: Ugh! I don't even know why Steven would fuse with a green freak like you.
The fusion stopped as her eyes widened.
Peridot, calm down.
Watermelon shook her head before she ran away towards the beach. She kept running until she was sure she was alone.
Watermelon: Ugh! The nerve of that human.
Watermelon sat down on the sand and watched the waves hit against the sand. Watemelon looked down at her hands before looking off to the side.
Watermelon: Maybe...........Connie was right. Why do you even hang around me? No! Don't think like that! I......I-I
Their gems glowed before they unfused and fell upon the sand. Steven immediately sat up and crawled towards Peridot.
Steven: Don't listen to her Peridot. She's just jealous. I love being with you.
Peridot smiled.
Peridot: Ya you're right. But we unfused.
Steven: We lasted almost two days. We would have lasted longer though if it weren't for Connie.
Steven stood up and helped Peridot up.
Peridot: We should probably work on staying fused longer.
Steven: Nah. I think we did great. For now let's just go find something eat.
Peridot chuckled as Steven grabbed her hand and lead her back into Beach City.

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