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XxMegaProxX: i dare steven and peridot a game called can your pet but Steven calls the pet peridot. (plz know the game)

Steven: I've heard of the game but I've never played it.
Peridot: I have no idea what it is, but let's try it.
      Steven took out his laptop while they sat on the couch.
Steven: Okay so first we have to name it Peridot.
Peridot: Yay! That's my name.
    Steven typed in the name and a little yellow baby chicken popped out.
Peridot: *gasp* Steven, its so cute!
Steven: We have to dress it or something.
Peridot: Give it the green bow and the big eyes.
     Steven clicked onto the stuff while Peridot watched happily.
Steven: We'll just give it a scarf.
Peridot: But its summer.
Steven: Doesn't really matter.
The game brought them to a little room with options of things to do with your pet at the bottom of the screen
Peridot: There now what?
Steven: I guess we have to do stuff with it.
    Steven clicked on the seeds at the bottom of the screen to feed it. Peridot started to grow bored.
Peridot: Is this all we get to do?
     All of a sudden a new option came up.
Steven: We can give her a bath.
Peridot: She doesn't like it.
    Steven sighed and looked at the screen blankly.
Steven: I feel like this game is for 4 year olds.
Peridot:.............I like it....... plus you watch Crying breakfast friends.
Steven: That show is not for four year olds. It is a complicated universe full of feelings and-
Peridot: And crying.
Steven: You just don't understand it.
   Peridot chuckled and rolled her eyes before she looked back at the screen. Another option came up.
Steven: We can play soccer.
     Steven clicked onto the soccer ball to play with their little baby chicken.
Peridot: Aww. Peridot likes it.
Steven: It is cute, just like you.
Peridot: I'm not cute.
Steven: Yes you are.
    Another option came up with looked like a bicycle.
Steven: Look we can go for a bike ride!
Peridot: But animals don't ride bikes.
Steven: Yea but it's  just a game.
       Steven clicked on the bike and all of a sudden it brought them to a blank screen with the bike. The bike turned upside down making the couple confused.
Peridot: What's happening?
    The bike turned into two giant blades which soon devoured the poor chick and cut it up into little pieces. Blood splattered around the screen. Peridot screened in horror while Stevens eyes widened as he stared at the screen in shock.
Peridot: My pet!
Steven: That was......unexpected?
     Pieces of chicken started to fall down the screen as a disturbing song played.
Peridot: What kind of game is this?!
Steven: I guess it isn't a game for 4 year olds.
     The pieces of chicken fell into a can.
Steven: Oh I get it. Can your pet.
     Peridot buried her face into Stevens arm as she hugged him tightly.
Steven: Aww. Peridot it's okay.
Peridot: We killed it. We killed baby Peridot.
Steven: It's just a game.
Peridot: A horrifying game.
    Steven sighed as he closed his laptop.
Steven: We'll see you next dare. I have to take care of a traumatized Peridot.
Peridot: How could you humans eat chicken?!
Steven: Come on Peridot.
    Steven picked Peridot up and lead her to his room.

Ps. I hope this is the right game

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