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Purple Rain by XxDiamond_GodxX
Purple Rainby Diamond Hybrid God
When Connie has the wrong attitude at the wrong time, Steven is heartbroken. The Gems(including Lapis and Peridot) are there to comfort him. Even the Diamonds try their...
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Diamond In The Rough(Steven Universe various X Gem!Reader) by LuciferousAngel
Diamond In The Rough(Steven LuciferousAngel
Steven was looking around the lighthouse. He usually found something interesting or cool to do. He saw something shiny in the ground. He went to pick it up. It was... a...
  • stevenuniverseamethystxreader
  • universe
  • sugarnetxreader
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Child of the Moon by LilyTiger21
Child of the Moonby LilyTiger
" know what I am?" I asked, looking at them. Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet all looked at each other, debating on what to say. But Steven stepped forward...
  • amethyst
  • pearl
  • crystalgems
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Pink Diamond's Precious Treasure [ Steven Universe AU Fanfic] by Hime_chan10
Pink Diamond's Precious Treasure [ Morinozuka Hime
AU/Alternate Universe: Where Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz are two different gems/people. Rose Quartz didn't shatter Pink Diamond as everyone believed. Rose Quartz was Pi...
  • garnet
  • adventure
  • jasper
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Steven Universe X Reader Oneshots by super-mario-girl
Steven Universe X Reader Oneshotsby super-mario-girl
A collection of various reader inserts based on the Steven Universe series.
  • yellowzircon
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❝ escape plan ❞ | steven universe reader insert by suuuteeekiii
❝ escape plan ❞ | steven nicky 🌊
Long ago, after a battle between Homeworld and Earth, a cracked Homeworld gem remained on the beach for thousands of years. What will the fate of this damaged gem be? Wi...
  • stevenuniverse
  • aquamarine
  • topaz
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💎Which One?💎 {Yellow Diamond x Gem!Reader x Blue Diamond} by Kyrieela_Chan
💎Which One?💎 {Yellow Diamond x ⭐Kyrieela_Chan⭐
You fled from Homeworld. From White Diamond. Why? Because you're so sick of being treated like this most fragile thing to exist. You hid yourself away on Earth, hoping n...
  • stevenuniverse
  • fanfiction
  • yellowdiamond
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No Rest for The Weary| Crystal Gems X Reader by bob2jack
No Rest for The Weary| Crystal Jank
((COVER BY @CARLSRIGHTEYE ON QUOTEV)) Y/n's attempt to be a good person in a wold full of evil backfires and is forced to move to Beach City. Unbeknownst to them, they a...
  • garnet
  • amethyst
  • crystalgems
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Stars and Diamonds by GreenEndai
Stars and Diamondsby Endai
Highest Rank: #4 in DiamondAuthority and #9 in StevenUniverse Brought into the world by Pink Diamond, Orange finds being raised to be a Diamond isn't as pretty and fun a...
  • whitepearl
  • originalcharacter
  • pinkdiamond
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Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe x reader) by CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire is different, instead of seeing the future, she can make one. After an outburst of rage, Purple Sapphire give Pink Diamond a fate of shattering, and she...
  • garnet
  • diamond
  • purplesapphire
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The Forgotten Gem(PLEASE READ THE REWRITTEN VERSION!) by PrettyUnusual
The Forgotten Gem(PLEASE READ PrettyUnusual
PLEASE DON'T READ THIS VERSION THERE's A WRITTEN VERSION! What if there was a way to turn back time? To go Back and change the timeline? What if a gem was capable of su...
  • garnet
  • amythest
  • backstory
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Finding a Way by XxDiamond_GodxX
Finding a Wayby Diamond Hybrid God
After Connie hurts him, Steven is hurt. But with the love of his family and his friends, as well as a new love in his life, Steven may find a way to let go of the pain...
  • alternateuniverse
  • stevenuniverse
A New Face (Pearl X Male Reader) by _No_More_
A New Face (Pearl X Male Reader)by NoMore
It was a normal day at Beach City. Birds were flying around, the sun was shining and you couldn't help, but smile to yourself. You always started your day with observing...
  • sapphire
  • garnet
  • tourmaline
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Ruby Squad(Crystal Gems x Ruby!Reader x Homeworld Gems) by BubbledJasper
Ruby Squad(Crystal Gems x Ruby! ᴋɴᴏᴄᴋᴏᴜᴛ.x
Cover by @thelegit9761 on quotev. Long ass title. Your a Ruby, with your Gem on your cheek, making it able to crack easily. Your also the youngest Ruby in your squad, th...
  • ruby
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Steven Universe x Gem! Reader insert by _TheLaggyBean_
Steven Universe x Gem! Reader _TheLaggyBean_
I am not updating this story anymore. This is simply a reader insert. What would happen if another gem from the rebellion survived? This is the story of your adventure...
  • stevenuniverse
  • insert
  • stevenuniversexreader
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Steven Universe x Reader by wolfgirl2212
Steven Universe x Readerby wolfgirl2212
(Y/N) is a human/gem hyprid. She travels from ( where you live) with her father and a gem that was good friends with her mother to Beach City. To find some old friends...
  • stevenuniverse
  • stevenxreader
  • xreader
A Human's Best Friend (Reader X Corrupted!Jasper) by Stayinali
A Human's Best Friend (Reader X Kikikiwi
After Jasper got corrupted at the Beta Kindergarten, she was to escape from Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot. Meanwhile at the edge of Empire City, you (the reader) are a c...
  • jasper
  • fanfiction
  • stevenuniverse
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Most Of Our Feelings, They Are Dead And They Are Gone by shipperwolfieQ
Most Of Our Feelings, They Are Minty
(Y/N) has never been a normal girl. She was always calmer than the other little kids, and now she's a suicidal teen living on her own. She decides to move to Beach City...
  • jasper
  • lars
  • triggerwarning
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Steven Universe x Half Gem Reader by Broxellie
Steven Universe x Half Gem Readerby Romezele
You woke up washed up on a beach. You have no memory of what happened to you, but you feel like you just fell a million feet. A bunch of people surround you, taking doze...
  • stevenuniverseanethyst
  • wattys2017
  • stevenuniverseconnie
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Garnet X Reader (Completed) by DorkyFlower
Garnet X Reader (Completed)by Dorky Flower
This is a Garnet x Reader. Its mostly kid friendly. Also, you are a 14 year old girl, who is human, half gem. Hope you like! ❤
  • fanfiction
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  • ruby
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