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Glittering Shadows by RoguexRabbit
Glittering Shadowsby Mintyxclover
You were a shadow kept behind a looking glass for only White Diamond's eyes to see. She sheltered you for your own good, as you were a gem of a darker shade. No, you wer...
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A Living Machine (A Steven Universe FanFic) by Dunked_oN
A Living Machine (A Steven Dunked_oN
'The Crystal Gems have been around for thousands of years on earth, protecting it from extraterrestrial threats and even the occasional Paranormal threat, When Steven Ca...
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The Black Gem by RSPBLiterature
The Black Gemby R.S.P.B
Deep in an abandoned Diamond facility lies a dormant Gem. However this Gem is waking up and it is no ordinary Gem...
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Steven Universe X Reader by rawrsaysturtle
Steven Universe X Readerby RawrSaysTurtle
"I'm still not a people person, y'know" you said, looking at Steven. He frowned; he thought he helped you come out of your shell... You continued, smiling at...
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together. by cringeshitpost123
#5 cringeshitpost123
steven universe x reader -🍋/💦chapters
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My Rightful Standing - Jasper x Gem! Reader by MySmolChemicalBean
My Rightful Standing - Jasper x Sir Chills-A-Lot
My first Steven Universe story! I hope you like it. This is in the perspective of a girl because most of the gems are ladies, so there's your explanation. Please enjoy t...
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Steven Universe Movie (Steven x Fem! reader) by gottalovetwo
Steven Universe Movie (Steven x Tay
The Steven Universe movie, but you (Red Diamond's daughter) join the adventure.
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The Mysterious Red Diamond (Steven Universe Fanfic) by rovenauchihaIF
The Mysterious Red Diamond ( Kyline Shatters
"My healing power even a single gem crack will heal once again" Red Diamond known as Y/N was a mysterious Homeworld Gem and a member of great diamond authority...
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Mom... had a part in this? |Steven Universe: The Movie x Reader| by JCardamon6
Mom... had a part in this? | Cringe baby™
BOOK #1: Steven Universe: The Movie CRINGE VALUE: EXTRA LARGE ➪(Edited description) Now that peace has been brought to the galaxy Steven and the Crystal Gems have start...
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When she came (Peridot X Reader) by ValTheKing
When she came (Peridot X Reader)by Ayden
If you had the choice to GO into any show of your choice, which would you chose? If you had the choice to BE with anyone there, would you? Would you be the enemy? frien...
Wolf Meets Crystal Gems by FoxyReece342
Wolf Meets Crystal Gemsby FoxyReece342
This is a story about the last shifter of her kind. A story about how she meets a young cheerful boy named Steven Universe, who is nothing but kind, how he becomes her f...
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Steven Universe x Reader | Thank You by SQuartz_Universe
Steven Universe x Reader | Thank Steven Quartz Universe
You are one of a kind. Well, at least that's what your father said. Not in a good way tho. Ever since you were born to Earth, all of the blames was reserved for you and...
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Garnet X Reader (Completed) by DorkyFlower
Garnet X Reader (Completed)by Dorky Flower
This is a Garnet x Reader. Its mostly kid friendly. Also, you are a 14 year old girl, who is human, half gem. Hope you like! ❤
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Steven Universe Yandere Oneshots by werewolf_nerdling
Steven Universe Yandere Oneshotsby werewolf_nerdling
There will be parts to each Yandere story. There will definitely be smut in some. I take requests. No OCs
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The Big-Ass Book of Diamonds by yiffcakes
The Big-Ass Book of Diamondsby Ms. Yiffcakes
aka the Shitpost Authority 🔷🔶 HIGHEST RANK: #1 in Diamonds!
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A black heart (Steven Universe X Reader) by Skulls1987
A black heart (Steven Universe X Skull
alright, so this will be my first Steven universe story. hope y'all enjoy
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Steven Universe x Gem! Reader insert by _TheLaggyBean_
Steven Universe x Gem! Reader _BeanoBuddo_
While I may not be continuing this, I want to express my absolute gratitude for all who commented, upvoted, and viewed! Thank you all! This is simply a reader insert. W...
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Emerald Spartan by MachineKing123
Emerald Spartanby MachineKing123
Sierra-009 was not the luckiest Spartan II. Being stuck in the deactivated hull of the UNSC Arcturus while falling towards a planet would make one think that. But why do...
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Identical (Spinel x Spinel!Reader) by itslonelyjevil
Identical (Spinel x Spinel!Reader)by Barb_is_Bae
Y/N is a young, spinel gem. 2,916 years old to be exact! One day, while her and the gems were relaxing by the lighthouse, enjoying the new era, everything goes downhill...
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I worried (Spinel x reader) (Completed) by Izuukuuu
I worried (Spinel x reader) ( 2much2handle
What if rose didn't have just one best friend? What if she had two? A calmer, less angry one? One who has to save the other, the only friend that is left.
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