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Epizon1Poizen: Question for Peri and Steven what do your picture lives together will be in the future?☺️ (if not sure ask Garnet)
Steven: Hmmm....I don't know what the future holds.
Peridot: Me either.
Steven: We should just ask Garnet. She knows what'll happen.
Steven and Peri walked over to Garnet to get some answers.
Steven: Garnet what will me and Peridots lives be together like in the future.
Garnet: Lets just say that you guys will always be together......and the gemlings will be very cute.
Steven: GEMLINGS! W-We're not gonna talk about this again are we?!
Garnet: No Steven. At least not today.
Stevens face flushed a bright red.
Amethyst: Awww! We'll have a another baby Steven walking around.
Pearl: Yea and another Peridot to call us all clods.
Peridot: Haha. That'll be the first word I'll teach her.
Steven: Yea. I guess so.
     Peridot kisses Steven on the cheek.

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