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Cup_is_a_cake: I got a dare! I DARE STEVEN TO TOUCH PERIDOTS BUTT!
Steven: What I'm not gonna do that!
Amethyst: Oh come on Steven, it will be funny.
Steven: But that's a violation of her personal space.
Amethyst: So it's like anything bad is gonna happen. Plus it's a dare you have to do it. I know you want to.
Steven groaned slapping his hand on his forehead trying to hide the blush that was appearing on his face.
Steven: Fine! But I'm only doing it this once.
Steven walked up behind Peridot, who was staring at the sky, humming peace and love. He looked back at Amethyst and she motioned for him to just do it already. He took a deep breathe before placing a hand on Peridots butt. Peridot stiffened and squeaked in surprise. She spun around, enraged at whoever touched her butt.
Peridot: S-Steven?! What's wrong with you!
Steven: It was a dare! I swear!
Steven backed up as Peridot approached him angrily. Peridot punched him in his shoulder but not enough to hurt him too much.
Steven: Ow!
She went to hit him again but he ran away. Peridot chased him.
Peridot: Get back here you clod!
Meanwhile Amethyst was watching the whole thing bursting out in laughter at the scene.
Amethyst: I love these dares!

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