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SUShipper: Have you guys ever *cough* done the dirty 😳😓😉 (I'm so sorry)
Peridot: Steven what do they mean by 'the dirty'?
   Steven's face flushed a deep red as his eyes widened at the question.
Steven: W-Well what they mean is.....I-I...can't explain it.
Amethyst: There asking if you and Steven had-
   Steven put his hand over amethysts mouth blushing madly.
Steven: I really don't want to answer this question.
Amethyst: You have to, just answer yes or no.
Peridot: I still don't understand the question.
   Amethyst tried to explain it to Peridot but Steven kept getting in the way. When Stevens back was turned Amethyst wrote out the words. Peridots face flushed and her mouth formed into an oh.
Peridot: No you disgusting clod! How dare you! What's wrong with you asking us that kind of question-
Steven: Peridot don't call the readers a clod.
Peridot: I'll do whatever I want! I'll call everyone a clod. Your a clod and your a clod too.
Steven couldn't help but to let out a chuckle.
Steven: Your so cute when your angry.
Peridot: I'm not cute.
Steven: Sure you are.
Peridot crossed her arms and looked off to the side before Steven placed a kiss on her cheek.

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