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Gray_Territe_Glitch: Hey,Peridot if you ever met my oc(Who was high ranking and actually worked with a Diamond) what would you do?

Steven: Ooh. Finally a question. We haven't gotten one in a while.
Peridot: Move over Steven this question is for me.
    Peridot read over the question until her eyes widened slightly.
Peridot: Well I don't know what I'd do. It depends on what kind of gem it is. Maybe if it was a sapphire they are high ranking and are always working with diamonds to tell the future but sapphires are quite calm and quiet. But if it was a Holly Blue agate then I would be screaming and probably run away. Agates are terrifying and are used to keep gems in line. An aquamarine is kinda scary too even if they're  small Blah blah blah.....
Steven: Peridot?
Peridot: blah blah blah gems.
Steven: Peridot!
Peridot: But anyone who gets to be in the presence of a diamond is a privilege and a nightmare if you're with yellow diamond. Ugh...that stupid clod. She doesn't care about anything.
Steven: Peridot!
   Peridot continued on with her long long answer to her question babbling on to things that weren't even related to the question. This is why you can't ask Peridot questions about Homeworld. Steven sighed before planted a kiss on Peridot lips to get her to stop talking. Peridots eyes widened as Steven pulled back.
Steven: You were babbling.
    Peridot crossed her arms and grunted slightly offended.
Peridot: Excuse me but there's just so many thing to talk about home world.
Steven: You're so cute when you're mad.
Peridot: I'm not cute you pebble.
    Steven laughed before he wrapped his arms around her. Peridot just looked away and blushed.

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