Practice writing a proposal/query letter [Filipino/English]

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Para sa mga nag-self-publish ng libro at gusto ma-testing ang marketability of their book with publishers or a certain market of readers (namely, me):

1. Please submit a proposal letter to

Letter should be in the body of the email (hindi attachment). Letter should contain: 

Title and summary of the book (including the ending). Yes, spoil me for the ending. I want to know if it's worth the time.

Short author bio. Nothing pa-cute. Educational background and career plans please.

Short explanation of why you self-published your story, and why you think people will want to read it.

Have someone check your grammar before sending. Letter can be in Filipino or English, but it has to be written in a professional way. 

2. The first three chapters of your book (in PDF), and the cover (in low-res JPG), as attachments. Your cover must be publishable, meaning may permission kang gamitin yung photos or art. Your sample chapters must be laid out for printing, edited, at hindi draft lang.

Your story must be original. Nothing plagiarized, nothing there that is the intellectual property of someone else. Get permission if there is. If you can't get permission, remove it.

3. Your book must be self-published, or ready to self-publish. Dapat hindi ka exclusive author with a publishing company (kasi likely na hindi ka pwedeng mag-selfpub if exclusive ka). 

4. Wala akong pinipiling genre. Submit your best, whichever genre it happens to be.


I will be reviewing your proposals like a publisher would. If you write your letter well, I will read your sample. If I like your sample a LOT, I might place an order for books. 

If you don't receive a reply from me, no need to follow up. 

I will announce here if or when I find stories that I love.

Challenge accepted? I'm really hoping to find books I'll love here. I want to support self-publishers. Please read this carefully and plan your submission, before submitting. 

UPDATE NOVEMBER 7: Thank you @cpsanti for submitting! I've just made an offer to buy copies of her upcoming book. It's not out yet though, so may budget pa rin ako to spend on another awesome submission if ever. :)

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