"I want to be an author - how do I start?"

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I'm getting this question a LOT lately and it makes me sad. I thought people became authors after years of writing and practicing and learning? Hindi pala?

Do you want to be an author because you know authors from Wattpad have fans and book signings? Na kailan lang sila nagumpisa magsulat tapos published na?

Many authors do not have fans and book signings. Many authors never get published. Even among Wattpad authors who are published, and have their books in bookstores, not all of them are bestsellers. Some of the authors have never had a book signing organized for them.

Whenever you see a book in a bookstore and it's been there for MONTHS, that is a book that is not earning for the author or publisher. That is a loss. That means the author might not be offered another publishing deal. If the book is on discount, the author might not be earning from it (but the publisher still will).

Do you still want to be an author?

If yes, then here:

1. Do well in school, if you are still in school. Get good grades in English and Filipino. Impress your teachers with your essays. This is very important and if you cannot do this, everything after will be more and more difficult.

2. Read more. If you "don't know where to start" then ibig sabihin you haven't learned yet how to take your own inspiration and imagination and put it to words. That is a basic requirement, and the only way you can write forever and not run out of ideas. No one can really teach that. So, maghintay at magbasa muna. Matuto muna.

Do you still want to be an author?

Kung hindi kaya ang #1 and #2, baka hindi ka pa handa. Mas maganda yung ma-publish ka pag handa ka na. Para walang pagsisisi. Para mas matuwa ang readers. If you believe that your dream can be achieved, then this is the SUREFIRE way to do it. Work, practice, and do well.

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