Topic Request: Creating Characters

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Someone recently asked if I could talk about how to design/create characters. Here are a few things I personally do:

1. Base it on someone you know. 

Many of us start with creating characters based on ourselves, and that's OK. Pero paano na yung ibang characters sa kwento? Hindi naman pwedeng lahat, tayo. One thing I do often is think of an interesting person in my life and then change their future. The person is based on real life, but the decisions they'll make in my story are more exciting, more courageous. Tipong, what if she were a character in my story, but she was less shy? Less conservative? Less afraid? Etc. 

2. Read up on historical figures.

The problem with creating a character based on a real person might offend that person. Some people don't like being "used" in that way. Also, they haven't actually lived a full life yet, and maybe they haven't gone through what you want them to go through. Another way to see how people can be exciting characters is to look up historical figures (people who have already lived a full life) and see based on their accomplishments what one person can do. And their lives will probably be on a website online, listing all their achievements from their youth to their adulthood.

3. Look at personality tests, horoscopes, and other behavioral profiles.

They're not 100% accurate in defining a person, but they're a good start in giving you ideas for how people are different. What if your main character is an Aries and her best friend is a Scorpio? Or your main character is INFJ and her crush is ENTP? Just from reading up on all these personalities, you'll get ideas for so many characters, and if they'll clash or like each other.

Marami pang iba, but this is what I personally do. Good luck :) 

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