Your story isn't just a story...

6.6K 136 22's a legacy. Something that can help your family even after you're gone.

I attended a forum at NBDB (National Book Development Board) and the copyright lawyer guest speaker explained that authors (whenever you create something) instantly own copyright of your work. And you continue to own it for until 50 years after your death.

What does that mean? It means that your heirs, your family, can continue to benefit (like receive royalties, or decide how your book is published) from your creation even after you're gone.

Nakakatuwang isipin na yung ginawa natin na wala lang, aliw lang, can become something that helps your family this way. By law.

Pero ang copyright ay nabebenta rin... like when you sign a contract that sells your copyright to a publisher, or some other person. Kahit ikaw pa rin ang named author, hindi ikaw o ang pamilya mo ang makikinabang sa success ng book.

Something to think about! May katuturan ang ginagawa natin dito. :)

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