Topic Request: Teen and Non-Teen Fiction

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What is teen fiction and non-teen fiction? Kung teens ba yung characters, teen fic na yon automatically?

"Teen Fic" or "YA fic" and "Non-teen fic" are just labels to make it easier to find things. Fiction is fiction. Teen fic is usually labeled that because maybe teens want to read stories for their age group, or parents want an easy way to find stories that are "pre-approved" for teens.

But there are adults who read stories featuring teen characters. And there are teens who read stories with adult characters.

You can choose to label your story "Non-Teen Fic" even if your characters are teens, but maybe what the characters are going through is too intense for the younger teens, and you want to properly warn your audience na adult themes ito. (Sex, violence, foul language, use of intoxicating substances usually ang tinitignan pag kailangan i-label as adult.)

Pero siyempre as an author hindi mo mako-control kung ano ang gagawin ng mga readers. Choosing the correct category though protects you, in case someone's parent or authority figure challenges your story, kung may adult themes siya, and how easy it was for a young person to find because of how you classified it.

What people choose to read though is not in the author's control.

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