Why did you give up your copyright? (I really want to know)

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You had copyright when you wrote your story. That means:

You can earn from your story in any medium (print book, ebook, movie, tv show, radio drama etc) because people will have to pay you every time they create something from it and sell it to people.

You can earn from translations of your story into foreign languages.

You can earn from foreign sales.

They have to ask for your permission to write sequels, spin-offs, any use of your characters.

They have to credit you whenever any work is created based on your characters, like fan art, merchandise, notebooks. And if you want to charge for this, you can.

Your story and characters will be YOURS, and for 50 years after you pass away, your family can continue to earn from it.

And many other benefits to keeping copyright.

So why do so many of you (you here on Wattpad) still sign it over completely? To the point that you NO LONGER HAVE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR STORY AND CHARACTERS? Kasi pag "copyright (c) publisher" na yan, hindi na inyo yan. Kayo pa rin ang credited author, pero hindi na kayo ang owner.


I really would like to know (because it really confuses me why you would give up this thing that you love).

The only reason I can think of is: The money is just that good.

Or: maybe you didn't know what you already had? And what you gave up? Hindi na-explain?

If you have an answer to this, you can PM me. I really do need to understand why.

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