Topic Request: Writing "kilig" scenes

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Q: How can I write "kilig" scenes?

I actually don't have a good answer to this. I don't have a how-to that you can follow and siguradong kilig. Minsan ang kilig para sa iyo, hindi para sa iba. This is the magic of writing, and a writer's skill.

What will help you though is to realize that when writing "kilig", you are writing a FANTASY.  What is it that your reader dreams about, wishes would happen to her? How does she want to meet "the one"? Where? What does he do? What does he say? How does it make her feel?

The writers who do "kilig" well have an instinct for this. They know what other people fantasize about. Sometimes the writer doesn't share that fantasy, but she knows that this is what many people like. This is why many stories seem similar: common fantasy ang ma-in love sa bad boy, o kaya sa best friend, o kaya sa taong pinagbawalan kang mahalin. Common fantasy din ang akala mo magkagalit kayo pero may surprise palang binabalak for you all along. O yung sa harap ng pamilya at kaibigan ide-declare ang pag-ibig para sa iyo. O yung umuulan pero hahabulan ka tapos magki-kiss kayo. This all sounds cliche but it's cliche only when done without skill.

A skilled writer can take these common fantasies and write them, using her own characters, and make the reader remember HER own fantasy and relate to it.

How do you become a skilled writer, skilled enough to do this right? You practice. And write. And learn.

If you feel you can't do it, you just haven't practiced enough. Keep writing, and trying to write it in different ways, and getting feedback. One day you'll get it right.

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