Why Write Romance?

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I'm giving a talk on WRITING ROMANCE at the Philippine Literary Festival tomorrow, October 23. This is what I'll open the talk with:

WHY WRITE ROMANCE? These are my three reasons.


All over the world, romance is being read. Romance outsells most genres, not just in English, but other languages. When something is worth this much, this also means MANY OPPORTUNITIES for people starting out. 


According to some surveys, 90% of romance readers are women. When empowering women matters to you, as it does to me, being a romance writer puts you in an important position in their lives. A romance novel can be a small story of two people, but it can also be a platform to show the kind of treatment women can expect for themselves, how they treat other people, and the respect they deserve. 

3. IT'S FUN.

If you're serious about writing, it will seem like work, but I enjoy it so much. I like writing about love and relationships! 

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