Stock photo project: romanceclasscovers [English]

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In previous posts I talked about legal and proper use of photos in book covers. In short: don't just copy a photo from the internet. Purchase photos that you use. Respect photographers and artists, who are also using their time to create. 

The problem with relying on stock photo sites is they usually don't have the photos I need because I write Filipino/Asian characters. Or I find a photo and it's already been used by a popular book. So with the help of other Pinoy authors and artists, we started the romanceclasscovers project on Instagram. These are photos that can be purchased and used as book covers. We're planning more shoots, and more looks, to cover all the kinds of stories we write.

If this is your thing, I hope you can visit the account on Instagram. And there's more info on my blog (click External Link). Thanks!

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