Topic Request: On signing contracts and changes to contracts

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(With some help from my lawyer friend)

Topic request: What happens when I sign a publishing contract and...

1. I want to change certain things about it?

The time to bring this up is BEFORE you sign. Once both parties sign and it's been notarized, both parties (author and publisher) are obligated to honor the contract.

2. I changed my mind later and I don't want to be covered by the contract anymore?

Look for the TERMINATION CLAUSE of the contract and see how the contract and the obligations you have can be ended properly. If you are not willing to do what the termination clause says (or what if walang termination clause EEEP), then you are obligated to honor the contract.

3. The other party (the publisher/distributor/company you have a contract with) wants to change certain things about it?

They'll have to present a new contract to you, and you'll have to agree to the new terms. You're still bound to the EXISTING contract though, and they have to honor it too, unless THEY go about terminating it based on the termination clause.


Medyo mahirap i-explain since marami sa atin ay hindi lawyer pero eto lang: You don't have to sign anything you don't agree with. If you're mostly OK with it except for a few things, then ask for changes to be made. If they don't want to make changes for you, then you'll have to decide if you want to "take it or leave it."

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