Being too sensitive will not help your career

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I'm seeing requests here made by some writers to be nice about the comments, and only be positive and encouraging.

Hindi maganda mang-bash. More on that later.

Pero hindi rin maganda para sa writer na i-demand sa readers na ONLY POSITIVE COMMENTS ARE WELCOME. That is just not how writing as a career works. If you are not open to hearing the truth, if your confidence is too fragile that you will be discouraged by any non-positive comment, then how can you last as a writer? It will not end. The scrutiny will only get worse, the more popular you become.

When you write only for positive comments and encouraging feedback, then you're writing only for your own personal cheering squad. Good luck na lang sa real world.


This does not mean it's right or helpful to "bash" or offer "negative" opinions because you think you're being helpful. A truly helpful comment is never negative. Kung naghahanap lang ng mali para may masabi, well, may mga taong ganyan. And successful writers are not affected by those anyway. Good luck na rin lang sa mga taong mahilig mang-bash -- if you are yourself a writer, that won't help you either.

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