Professional behavior expected of an author

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Some publishers actually give their authors "media training" now, yung how to speak, what to say, how to conduct themselves in public. Kasi authors are representing the publisher to their readers. Minsan naman hindi training ito, pero guidelines lang.

I deliver training for self-publishers and we always share this, because pag self-publisher ka usually walang kang "boss" to tell you to follow certain guidelines. Kahit wala kang boss, o kahit may publisher ka pero hindi naman sila nagbibigay ng rules sa yo, please consider following these pa rin because it's just proper professional courtesy:

1. Be accessible to readers.

Many authors are content to write their book and live private lives. Publishers are encouraging though na maging approachable kahit sa internet o email lang, kasi proven na masaya ang readers pag nakakausap nila ang author. Hindi naman kailangang maging buhay mo ang reader interaction. Time management lang.

2. Don't respond to reviews

May mga naniniwalang the only proper response to a review is "thank you," or none at all. Positive or negative. If it's a negative review and seems hurtful and unprofessional, then the AUTHOR has to remain professional, even if others are not.

3. Don't fight on the internet

Just don't. Kahit tama ka pa. Respect all readers, even those you disagree with. If readers don't respect the author, let that be a reflection of their poor conduct or communication skills. Be professional, even if they are not.

4. Don't overshare

Expect anyone you meet (now that you're an author) to treat you as a public figure. They may not necessarily keep your secrets.


Once you publish a book, or work with a publisher, business relationship na ito with both publisher and readers. How you act on the internet (and kahit not on the internet, basta may mga nakakakita at nakakarinig) affects your future in the industry. Walang gusto makatrabaho ang taong hindi professional.

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