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Klaus's pov

Keeping a diary of everything in my life, was a beautiful escape. But not for long, as I met y/n. She was the golden key to my rusted heart and I couldn't help but write everything I love about her in my diary. It may sound childish to have a diary at my age, even after being with y/n for 6 years now. But at times I struggle to show my feelings so I write them down. And then allow her to read it, to understand my lasting love for her. She never made fun of me, instead she supported me through it all. And that's why. Today, I write the plan of me proposing to y/n.

Next day

"Yooo!! Guess who's proposing!" Diego smirks as he enters the room where all the family is around, except y/n. I look up at him and see him holding my diary. "Hey! What do you think you are doing?!" I shot up grabbing the book. I didn't want anyone to know yet but this dochebag has to go through my stuff.

"Awwww you will propose to y/n??" Allison says in awe. I blush slightly at the thought of it. I look down and go back to my place."Finally something interesting" I hear Five saying as he grabs a slushy from the table in front of me. "so how long where you planning this?" Luther speaks. "A while now" I sigh. "Awww" Allison and Diego say in sync. We all look at them and Diego just raises his hands in "I don't know" kinda expression.

"So tell us. When are you willing to propose" Vanya says quietly. "I was planning maybe tomorrow?" I say slowly looking up at their faces. Waiting for any burst of shocks. "TOMORROW??" Ben yells. Nobody can hear him except me obviously. "Yes! Yes Ben! Tomorrow" I squint my eyes at him, putting my tongue out.

I hear Five and Allison giggle from the side. "My man is growing up!" Luther says patting my back. "Tell us the time. We gotta be there to videotape it all" Diego says, raising his eyebrows at Vanya who gave him a look. "Well it's settled then! Tomorrow I'm gonna propose to the love of my life" I say cheekily. I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness flow through me from the thought of it.

"Ekk I cant wait" Allison squeaks in excitement. "Nor can I" Ben says patting my shoulder.

Next day

Today is the day I'll propose to y/n. Today is the day I'll make her mine. Let's just hope things go well. She's currently out for groceries. I offered to tag along but she insisted that I stay and write down what have been stealing my mind. Little does she know, she is the thief of my heart and mind.

I hear the door knock so I slip out of the couch to open it. When I open it I get a tight hug from Luther. He was always supportive. They all gave me hugs and went inside the living room. "So are you ready?" Five says. I nod in response. "Show is the ring!" Allison says in happiness. I chuckle at her actions and grab the black box out of my pocket. A diamond ring, is what I chose for her. A beautiful one, just like her. "It's so beautiful" Allison and Vanya says in sync. "Thank you" I reply. "When is she coming?" Diego says. "In a while" I answer.

"Oh is Ben around?. He can't miss this moment" Luther asks. I nod happily "he hasn't left me since the morning". I look at Ben who's laughing and I smile. "Thank you. All of you. For being here and supporting me through this" I say, looking at all of them. "Our pleasure" Five replies in behave of all the cheeky smiles they have on.

"Klaus. Honey I'm home!" I hear y/n yell the moment she entered. I went immediately. The nervousness i was feeling was overwhelming. But she deserves more than this diamond ring. I went on helping her place everything in the kitchen. "Oh by the way. My family is here" I stutter, nervous. "Oh! That's fantastic. Well let's go!!" She says excited, pulling me to the living room.

She hugs everyone and we all talk for a while as I manage to gather my courage. "Y/n" I say. "Yeah darling?" She answers, smiling at me. "I need to tell you something" I say looking straight to her eyes. "Oh klaus. What is it?" She says, voice switching to her worried mode. I stand up and say "the reason all of my family is here because I wanted to do something for so long. And I finally got the courage to do so"

I make her stand up, as I hold her hands. I slowly go down on one knee. And as I do I can see y/n's expression. She was so surprised, shocked, happy. All in one. "Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry this dork on one knee?" I chuckle asking her. She covers her lips in disbelief. "Yes! Yes! Of course I'll marry my only dork!!" She says. Excitement filled the room and I put the ring on her finger, it was a perfect fit. I hug her as I hear her cry out of happiness.

Everyone was yelling and clapping in happiness. "Way to go!!!" Diego yells to us. I pull away from the hug and kiss her passionately. She is my everything. I couldn't let her pass away from me. I took the chance, like she always told me. " I love you y/n" I say. She giggles softly " I love you too klaus"

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