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This is going to be what they do when they are jealous.

Luther would try to calm himself down at the beginning, try to stop himself from punching the other man. However, when he sees the other man goes overboard with flirting he would stand up and punch him square in the face. You would yell Luther's name and just before he grabs your hand and leaves, he says "she's mine".

Oh Diego knows no such thing as control. This boy would would straight up warn the man and grab you walking back home. You would try to make it up for him with cuddling but as I said, his cuddling always leads to a hot make out session. "I'll treat you better, trust me on this one". "Diego babe dw, I've always loved you and only you".

Allison is just like Diego but Allison would leave without you. She has this belief, if my man doesn't doesn't follow me after I'm jealous, he ain't worth it. So you run after her and try to explain to her that it was a misunderstanding. "I truly love you", you would say. She would look at you, hands crossed as she says, "show me".

It will take time for Klaus to realize that someone is actually flirting with you, but until he does so, things would get messy. He's like a baby wolf, so adorable while clueless, so fierce while aiming for his target. "Get your hands off of her, you bastard" he would yell and punch the boy in front of you. And then he would take you out to MC Donald's as you get a bit pissed from what just happened.

Number five:
Oh don't let this small figure fool you, he's a savage whenever he pleases to be, especially when he is jealous. Five would get jealous very easily, but you always made it up for him. However, at times when he goes overboard and you get pissed, like that time he threatened the ice cream guy for being "too" nice to me and filed a complaint about the ice cream this poor man sells, he would usually try to stay the victim in this situation as he pouts angrily and says, "so that's what I get at the end! Huh" he scoffs. "Oh come on five, stop acting like a kid!" You roll your eyes. He stops in his tracks and looks at you, pointing at his body, "YOU REALIZE IM LIVING IN A 13 years old BODY!".

Oh Ben would just drag you out immediately. He wouldn't stand a chance of losing you to anyone other than himself. "Hey, hey, hey! Ben you're hurting me" you complain pulling your hands away from his grip. He would look down, slowly turns around to face you and apologize, but before he does you would tip toe to his height and give him a peck. "I love you, idiot"

Comparing to the rest, Vanya is not the type to cause a fuzz, but her glares are more than enough. She would glare at you until you realize that she's jealous and then excuse both of you guys away. You would try to make it up for her after the misunderstanding you guys have, by grabbing her and cuddling her despite the fact she might deny it. "I'm sorry. Can't help if you own a handsome boy" you would blurt out as she chuckles a bit at ur dumb joke.

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