ᴍɪssɪᴏɴ ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴍᴘʟɪsʜᴇᴅ [ʙᴇɴ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ]

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Requested by: Five-Alive

WARNING: there are some triggers in the story that some might not be able to deal with, like death and mourning and so on. So please read at your own risk

Ben and I have been dating secretly for a while now, actually not anymore since everyone literally knows! And I mean it. The rest 6 never failed to make fun of us, they found it funny for some reason. And tbh I didn't mind because lowkey I enjoyed seeing Ben either getting annoyed or getting shy from all their words.

"Oh my little hero~ don't be mad" you said to him as you climb on top of his lap and started caressing his cheek. Well, let me tell you that one of Klaus's friends went overboard with making fun of us, but thankfully I grabbed Ben and rushed back to our room. "Hmm? You see I mean he didn't mean it, he's klaus's friend so don't expect him to be smart" you giggle softly into his ears. "Oh god I love you" Ben breathed out, flipping you over, making out with you.

"Get up love birds!! There is an emergency!". Five's yells were heard as the door slammed open. Ben and I immediately pull away in confusion. "what? What but we didn't hear the emergency bell ring?" Ben questions. "Oh for gods sake we're not kids anymore! So get off your ass" Five scoffs, leaving us. Ben and I immediately started to get ready for the mission. However, before we left Ben asked me if I'm sure I'll be able to control my powers. Yes, I am zero.

I have the strongest yet most dangerous power out of all. I am what the kids watch nowadays, I am the real avatar. I control all elements of life, making me the ultimate villain for everyone who decides to go against me. And I'm still trying to control it at times, since when I get angry, I lose all the control I owned.
"Yes, I'm fine" I reassure Ben as we head over to the mission place.

"Klaus, Allison, and Diego, you guys front" Luther gives us the plan as he continues, "Five and I will take left" yet again he points to where he's going, "Ben and y/n, right" he speaks as he smiles to us softly. "Haha even on missions you guys are together" klaus made fun lowly. I smirked as we all stuck to the plan, attacking each of the villains we saw. "Ayy!!" Ben high fives me like how we always did back when we were kids. It was the most beautiful moment ever.

"Seems like our job is done here!!" Five says jumping off the counter, proud as hell. "Ben! Y/n!! Watch out!!!" Diego suddenly yells as one of the men manages to press a button before he completely goes to hell. Ben and I turn around to our side and the last thing we saw was a huge explosion.


Klaus's pov

"We are all here today.. to mourn..... the death of..Ben- and...y/n" Luther spoke, as he holds his breath now and then trying to control his pain. I sit on the couch, covering my face, unable to face it. Everyone sat in silence as Luther manages to continue, "they both worked hard for us, for this family. And we should always remember them".

"Klaus, talk to them" I hear Diego's voice echo the room as my eyes stay shut. "No! I won't!" I reply standing up to leave the room full of sadness, but before I even completely stood up, I saw them. "They're here..."I whisper but the rest caught it.

I see them sitting on the edge of the couch, holding each other's arms. I let a small sigh of relief as I speak to them, "ha, even in death you guys are together".

"Well the maniac man once said, 'Haha even on missions you guys are together' we can't just suddenly break those words" Ben spoke as y/n chuckled. I chuckled along.

"Umm.. just- just tell them we're sorry. For making fun and everything" Five clears his throat. "They say they can't forgive what's never pained" I repeat their words to the rest.

We all later felt a small relief that they were fine, like any other couple alive.

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