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If you fought you guys would stay in separate rooms. Your the type of couple who won't yell and yell and yell each other to solve the main problem. You would sit alone, rethink what just happened, because you guys don't fight too often. He would later on come and apologize, asking for your forgiveness. It was sweet and really mature of him and if it was your fault, you would have done the same thing.

your fights would be often, but it's all because he's extra protective and jealous. However, if it was a big serious fight then you guys won't talk for a while, until he comes over and apologizes for the shit he did.

You guys don't fight for a serious thing. At the end she is a celebrity, she doesn't have to fight, she can leave you any second, but she would tell you that she's jealous at times and you would make it up for her because you know she wouldn't have spoke to you if she didn't love you.

You don't fight often, nope. Your relationship is all fun and play, but maybe once in a month you have your downs. Yelling would go down to explaining in a loud voice, loud voice would go down to crying, crying would go down to hugging each other out. Literally, that's how you guys get over the fight.

Number five:
Like his brother Luther, if five fought with you then you guys would stay in separate rooms for a while, rethinking of the whole thing and stuff you shouldn't have said. He would come in on you later and sit next to you, trying to explain his point of view and also listening to yours. So that this won't happen again. "I love you and I'm sorry" he says before kissing you. And you guys fight often because he's a jealous oldie

You guys won't fight much tbh. He's a chill man and that's what u love about him. He doesn't get that jealous or such, in fact he would laugh at you FANGIRLING over a celeb. However, if u did then you guys would settle down, try to calm yourselves and discuss the issue in here, not bringing in some other problems from the past.

Vanya just wants to be loved and feel special. Therefore, all of your fights would end up in hugging each other out. Your fights would include jealousy fights, lying about something that might hurt the other, and fights over time management.

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