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The places they would take you for dates

Luther would take you either to stroll at a park, holding each other's hands or he would take you up to the small tent he made when he was a kid, and you guys would enjoy having tea and maybe even watch a movie later.

You guys would literally Netflix and chill all day. You would try to be extra by putting on some fairy lights and getting fluffy blankets but he would simple hold you close to him and whisper to your ear, "your my warmest blanket".

Allison is all about that rich life , so your date would probably be at a mall or an outdoor shopping or such. You would surprise her by buying the coat she wanted for so long.

Amusement park. Literally you guys are both so crazy together so you would go wild in this world. You might even end up outside the city by mistake. He would also probably force you to ride the games you don't like, but he's presence and humor makes it so fun.

Number five:
You guys will stay in as you both are lazy and none is willing to motivate the other. However, five will make sure to grab as much snacks and dvds. You both will get so consumed by the movie and when someone dies you both will cry your eyes out but then you would giggle between your cries because of Five's ugly face. "Hey woman, that's unfair!" He would growl as he jumps on top of you and tickles you. Later, he would stare you in the eyes and make out with you passionately.

He would take you to the park and later to the movies. He would try to do everything to make you happy, especially if that was your first date. Your date would be very adventures. "Wanna go to a carnival?" He grins at you widely.

Despite the fact Vanya only plays the violin, you love to hear her sing. So your date would be to a karaoke lounge. You both would sing your hear out and at times she would send your messages through her singing, singling shit you once have done. Of course you both with laugh about it and get tired together, but it was all worth it when Vanya ends your date with a kiss.

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