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When Luther carries his first born child, he would shed some happy tears. He would smile constantly, unable to control his happiness. "It's a boy.." he would chuckle, playing with his little nose. "It's a boy" he would look at you, not believing that he is actually carrying his own child.

"It's a girl, sir" the nurse would say handing our daughter to Diego. He would smile so happily. His stammering would come back, but you honestly found it the cutest thing ever. He would shed his tears shamelessly, as he sits next to you, holding the baby. "I'm a father" he would grin gleefully.

Well is Allison's it's either she is getting the child or you guys adopted one, but either way it would be that overwhelming happy feeling. It's like you both started a whole new life. "Welcome to life little beauty." Allison would chuckle softly, playing with her small fingers.

Surprisingly Klaus would be completely sober the day his own child comes to life. I mean he would want that because, that's his child, your child, his family now. "Oh god! Oh god! Do you see this?!" He speaks in excitement towards you, "that's our son! That's our son DARLING!!!" He hops around, holding him. "Okay okay! Klaus just please be careful, he LITERALLY just came out!" You would try to control the happy klaus.

Number five:
Five would be the maturest. Despite the fact he's in a 13 years old body, he knows everything. He would carry his daughter and kiss her little forehead. Rock her back and forth slowly. "We've made this beauty" he says giving you a gentle peck. He would lay beside you, carrying your daughter, unable to stay calm, smiling cheerfully. "Ugh! God! Thank you" he would breathe out in happiness looking up.

Oh don't let all the manly act fool you. He's going to be all childish and happy and soft about his son. "Ow you like this! You like this! Don't you buddy?" He would play with your son's nose, making weird cute sounds for him. "Ben. He's just a child, don't tease him" you joke as Ben carries him and walks over to you. "Darling, your the only one I'd tease" he winks, smirking to you.

Same case with Allison, it's either she gets the child or you guys adopt. Exactly like Allison, it would be that overwhelming happy feeling. It's like you both started a whole new life. Bringing a new member to your small family. "Isn't he just adorable" Vanya would say, rubbing his bald soft small head.

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