ɪ'ᴍ sᴏʀʀʏ [ʟᴜᴛʜᴇʀ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇ]

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it's been a week. a week of yelling, crying, cursing and true hatred. the fight was never ending and i couldn't even remember how it began. all i knew was that it was either a breakup or a makeup scenario. tears were streaming down my rosy pink cheeks like niagra falls.

"you're never home anymore! do I even mean anything to you?!" i yelled, poison in each word. "don't you dare try to tell me i'm the one away all the time, you only talk about yourself!" he spat back at me, his eyes filled with pure anger. it's been hours of this.

using the same exact useless excuses to get at each other. it was unhealthy, really. i was lucky he hadn't snapped my neck yet. "i can't even look at you, you shame me!" i yelled, pulling the diamond ring off my finger and throwing it at his chest. That's right, there once this time in our relationship were we wanted it to be official. So we got engaged. But then this happened and I don't know what to think.

i ran up to my room. i grabbed my necessities only, i didn't bother grabbing anything for myself. i had everything at my parents' house. I then carried myself downstairs. i opened the front door and noticed one of our two cars gone. that meant that Luther left, probably running off to a cheep bar. typical.

i opened my door and placed everything behind. All the mess that was in the car. I was now on my way to my parents' house. the drive was risky. it was almost a five hour drive, but what can i do? I arrived there at nearly two am. the house was dark and looked empty. but what can you expect when you don't give a heads up about this kind of stuff.

i carried myself up the stairs and took the spare key out of the plant next to the door. i walked in and turned all the lights on. "this is gonna be a long night." i mumbled before going to my room. by now he can either heal it or break it.

a month later...

i cut a piece of waffle ate it. it's been an entire month since the fight. Luther has tried to call me at least one hundred times, resulting in me blocking his number and removing his contact. my parents told me it was being harsh and scolding me on how it was only going to result in more hurting and fights. they kept talking about the law and he could sue me. at this point, i couldn't care less.

it wasn't until today when something truly shocking happened. i sat in the living room watching peaky blinders when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. i rushed to the door and opened it. there stood a slumped over, puffy, red eyed Luther. now i know, 'its so obvious that it's Luther!' well, you see, i ordered pizza right before. And nothing could beat that.

"Luther?" i choked out, just above a whisper. "hey..." he weakly said. i no longer felt anger. if anything, i felt love. maybe it was his condition or the fact i still love him, but all i felt was love. and the urge to give him a bear hug. "w-what're you doing here?" i ask. he lets out a chuckle. "i came to bring you home." he said.

i smiled softly to this beautiful creature in front of me.it felt normal again. it felt like real love. and maybe people say it's stupid to go back to someone who you've fought with, but why even start a relationship if you don't expect a few potholes in the road. I mean life is bumpy and so is true love.

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