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I have no clue why I'm here doing this but hey when this series came out on Netflix I binge watched the whole series, eating a whole box of popsicles :3 I mean the members are hot and cute and now my feelings are fucked.

The overall plot is about the 43 women who give birth on the 1st October without actually being pregnant before. There's this guy (Sir Reginald Hargreeves) a famous billionaire, who manages to adopt seven of them and they apparently have powers so he trains them.

My favorites are [Diego, Five, Klaus and Ben] they are equally loved by me!

The members are the following:

Number 1 Luther Hargreeves
♂Super strong

Number 2 Diego Hargreeves
♂ Good in combat

Number 3 Allison Hargreeves
♀ Make rumours real

Number 4 Klaus Hargreeves
♂ Can talk to dead people

Number 5 Just, number 5
♂ Can teleport

Number 6 Ben Hargreeves
♂ Could shapeshift
♂ he is dead

Number 7 Vanya Hargreeves
♀ ordinary (for now at least)

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