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It's been 6 months now that I've been dating the one and only, Number five. He's everything, literally. Yes Number five, one of Hargreeves adopted children, with cool ass powers. However, at times he is way too occupied with work and stuff but he tries to make it up, at least that's what I convinced myself to believe.

It's been a while now since I actually made a new friend, Brian. It's a huge accomplishment seriously! I mean I'm an introvert, I don't go out much, nor do I communicate with anyone outside my bubble, so this was a miracle. Brian came into my life when I felt alone. Five has been busy for more than 2 weeks now, it's unbearable anymore. I miss him so much, but now that Brian came around he distracted me with my sadness.

[text messages]

Me: Five you there?
Me: I thought that maybe, we can hangout somewhere? Oh! How about our favorite place, up that mountain, cafe des roses

Busy, working.

[end of text messages]

That's all what it took to ruin my complete mood. I try to shrug off my pain as I see Brian's name appear on my phones' screen. "Hey~ Brian, what's up?" I answer his call, trying to sound happy. "What's wrong?" He immediately asks. "Nothing! Why?" I reply fast, confused a bit. "You know I can tell when your lying" I could literally imagine him rolling his eyes as he says that.

I sigh slowly, "it's just that Five and I haven't been together in a while now. I miss him". "Have you tried talking to him?" He asks. "Yeah...He says he's busy working" I answer. "Oh. He hasn't made any time for you?" He asks again. "Not for two weeks now" I reply. "I'm coming over. I have a plan" he says as he ends the call immediately. I look at my screen as I shrug chuckling a bit with his stupid actions.

A while passed on and tbh I didn't bother to change my pjs to something decent. I mean I never change when Five comes over since I'm comfortable with him, and Brian turns to be once of the lucky ones. Anyways, I ran downstairs when I heard the bell ring. I open it to face Brian. I hug him as we head over to my room.

"So you told me once, he gets easily jealous right?" He starts off. I nod slowly in confusion. "Okay I'll sound completely dumb, but what am I supposed to be catching up in here?" I ask. He rolls his eyes and laughs, "duh, we will OBVIOUSLY make him jealous". "I don't think that a great idea Brian" I stutter as he goes around looking for a baggy hoodie through my closet, and puts it on.

"Shh come on now, wear my hoodie and lets take some couple selfies or whatever the shit the couples do" he states, pushing me into the bathroom. I come out, changed into his clothes as he grabs my phone, unlocks it and opens snap. "Brian, are you sure about this? I don't like it when he gets extremely jealous" I ask again, quite afraid actually.

"Trust me" Brian reassures me, pulling me on top of his body. "Act as if you're sleeping" he says, hitting my head. "Ouch you son of a bitch! It hurts" I curse him out loud. "Just shut up and do it" he replies. He took a picture. I immediately sat up properly as he was already writing a caption on it.

"You must be kidding me" I joke, as he looks at me seriously

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"You must be kidding me" I joke, as he looks at me seriously. "Am I laughing?" He replies. I sign as he posts it on my story. Not a while after I get a message from Five.

[text messages]

Five: who tf is he???
Five: what now you're cheating on me?????
Five: since when??
Five: huh! You must've forgotten to block me from your story hon
Five: I'm coming rn
Five: and WE will have some discussion to make!

[end of text messages]

"Ooooh no, this ain't good! No this ain't good! Hurry up leave! NOW!" I push Brian outside the house. I pace my room back and forth until I hear my door room slams open. "Five I can explai-" I was cut off with his passionate jealousy kiss.

"I don't wanna hear it. Just show me" He says staring me in the eyes as I smirk slightly pulling him in for another deep kiss, eventually leading us to having $ex; which tbh was the best thing ever.

Well who knew Brian always knew his ways works just fineee.

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