ᴡʜᴏ ᴀsᴋᴇᴅ ᴡʜᴏ ᴏᴜᴛ

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As surprising as it may sound. You would ask him out. Luther is a M A N but around you he is all cuddly and shy and just..himself. Therefore, you would take the role of asking him out as you watch him stutter a bit in shock before kissing you.

Oh this boy would straight up ask you out. He would pull you close to him, and ask you with his deep husky voice, "will you do me the honor to be your boyfriend, your man?".

You would obviously ask her out. As she is a celebrity, she will be all packed up with everything around her. You would move slowly towards her as she is practicing the acting dialogue and give her a kiss on her cheeks, "if you could rethink your career, would you be my full time girlfriend?" You would smirk as she giggles and hugs you saying yes.

No one has to ask each other, because both of you make each other feel things you have never felt before, you guys spend mostly every second together. "So you guys are a thing now?" Diego asks, sharpening his knife. Klaus would look at you and hold ur hands, "yeah. Yeah we are".

Number five:
He would be the one to ask you out and he would be extra about it, bringing you flowers and chocolates and shit. Heck, after you immediately say yes, he would kiss you and go grab the couple winter sweaters he made. "Your such an old man" you say, but truly your hella happy about all this attention. "Well this old man is all yours now" he smirks before kissing you again.

Now Ben is a man, and he won't fail to act like one. He would ask you out, while you guys be swinging on the swings in the park. He would scout down as you sit on the swing and lean it to kiss you slowly, asking you later to be his only one.

Vanya is awkward, even the thought of being with someone makes her anxious a bit. However, she keeps feeling like safe around you, she knows you see her special. Therefore, you would ask her out after her audition for the first chair, adding extra happy news into her life. Making her happy and safe overall. She would gasp in disbelief and jump to hug you tightly. "I love you" you would say.

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