Sᴍᴀʀᴛᴀss [fɪᴠᴇ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇ]

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Requested by average_w

Requested by average_w

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Five's pov

"So what now you're not going to speak to us about how you suddenly appeared out of thin air and returned as a...kid?" Allison's voice echoed in the room where all of them sat as I stand making myself a sandwich. "You wouldn't understand" I simply reply coldly, knowing they all won't understand the things I might say.

"Try me" a voice came from the corner of the room as I lift my head up looking at the unfamiliar face walking up to me. "Hmm" I humph looking her up and down. I start explaining the process of how physics works and why I got stuck in time, returning to the moment of where I first begun.

"Well you are a child now five because you forgot to time every moment probably. Time may not seem as a matter but it is when you travel through it, traveling happens between matters and so you failed to calculate the geometry, physics, biology of the whole process. Instead you just calculated the physics part alone" she explains, hands moving around making weird gestures.

"It's just logic" she completes.

Who the heck is she??

I hear Klaus laugh his ass off before turning around to me and saying, "and you thought you were the smart one". I scoff before I say "She isn't to judge when she doesn't have the power to go through time". I hear her faint chuckle and I glare at her, "and what's so funny?". "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself five. I'm y/n" she says as puts her hand out for a handshake. "Wait. The y/n?" I got taken aback by the sudden shock of realization.

"Yup the one we always heard stories about" Diego says sipping into his drink. "The smartass-" I say loudly. I see her as she smiles and takes back her hands slowly, "if that's what you want to call me. Yup I'm that" She says.

"God I always hated your stories" I whisper grunting. Remembering how everyone told me she was way smarter than I'll ever be.

"That's a quality of stupidity five. Stubbornness" she mocks me. I squint my eyes at her, making fun of her. "Guys please, let's no fight alright! She's smarter than you Five, get over it" Luther tried to end this just for me to get really frustrated. "You think she's smarter than me?? Maybe we need something to prove that" I speak.

"Sure, maybe a game of heads up" she laughs sarcastically, allowing the rest to join her. "And she's funny" I whisper to myself, rolling my eyes.

Seems like my stay will be chaotic, but at least I'll have someone to prove wrong one day.

--------- time passes by---------

"Hey" I hear the familiar voice make its appearance in my room. I look up from the book I was reading to see her, y/n. "What?" I scoff looking back at the book. "Ooh the secret place" she speaks walking towards my bed. I immediately understood she spoke about the book i was reading, "yeah. Tana french". I look up at her and I can't help feel the tension, I couldn't help knowing someone was smarter than me and NICER.

"I love that book. Which part are you in? The detective part or the part where the girl teenager explains everything happened before the murder?" She asks. "For a smartass, you are hella annoying" I say after a while of examining her. She laughs and grabs the book from my hands, "and for a 58 years old, you can't tell the difference between a question and a sentence".

"Get out!" I snap pulling back my book as I point to the door in my room. I see as she giggles and shakes her head lightly, heading out. Just before she was about to leave she stood and told me, "I came here to ask you if you wanted to join me and Klaus on an adventure. Mans talented in it" she laughs. "Out!!" I yell one more time before she scoffs and leaves. I lay back after she is gone and I grab the pillow next to me and start hurting my head with it.

"Don't let her get into your head dumbass!!" I say to myself multiple times before realizing this will literally not change anything. I slowly put the pillow down before my thoughts play with my mind, "eh might as well join a stupid adventure". I get up and go to y/n's room, "wait for me". I see her looking up from a familiar book and she nods smiling. I take a glance at the book to be taken aback, "hold up! How did you take my book???" I question grabbing it from her properly this time.

"Apart from being smart Five, I'm good at stealing" she laughs. And I shake my head leaving her room to go change.

"What a challenge" I huff, chuckling to myself.

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