| Chapter Fourteen | Tom & Tucker

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"Not all questions have clean answers, it's what makes a story interesting."

Sonja brought Sky some dinner on a tray, she put it on the coffee table. Sky looked at it.

"Oh...Sonja, you don't—" Sonja looks at Sky.

"Yes, I do. You need to stay off that leg of yours until your foot heals. So I'm gonna prop your foot up." Sonja said grabbing a pillow and coming over to Sky. Sky looked at her. Sonja propped up Sky right ankle, she looked at Jordan, who is sat sideways in an armchair, passed out asleep. She smiles a bit. She grabs a blanket off the couch and puts it over Jordan. "Best to let him sleep, who knows the last time he probably slept." Sky nods, agreeing.

Sky ate some, he wasn't particularly hungry, he was more tired than anything, all this traveling has really weight him down. After he's finished, he lays down on the couch, making sure to keep his ankle propped up, and wraps his jacket around himself, at first he wasn't comfortable. Sleeping on couches never was comfy for him, he laid on his side, soon falling asleep.


In the kitchen, Ian, Sonja, and Tom were talking, Sonja putting dishes away.

"So, Ian, where you and Sky from?" Tom asked. Ian looked at Tom.

"I mean...I'm from Hazia, Sky is..." Ian trailed off. Tom smiles a bit.

"Don't worry, I know Sky is from Skaldia. So why doesn't he like to talk to people?" Tom asked Ian. Ian smiled a bit, looking away thinking.

"Umm...Don't know really. He was always someone who liked to be on his own." Ian said as the door opened.

"I'm back." A voice said.

"Kitchen, Tucker," Sonja said. Ian's eyes looked at the doorway, seeing a man in causal light colored clothes with green eyes walked in.

"Mmmm I smell food. Any for me?" Tucker asked going beside her. He stopped though, looking at Ian. "Wait, whose that?" Sonja handed him a plate, Tucker going to the table, sitting down.

"I'm Ian," Ian said.

"Jordan brought him and Sky here. Jordan and Sky are asleep right now." Tom said. Tucker nods a bit, Sonja glanced at Ian.

"So, Ian, does Sky have a girlfriend?" She asked making Tucker look at Sonja.

"What?" Tucker asked her. Sonja glanced at Tucker and at Ian, realizing they all were looking at her. She put her hands up a bit.

"Oh come on, he's a prince and he's hot. He's also very sweet, a guy like that is rare. Sorry for asking." Sonja said before Tucker spoke.

"W-Why would you ask something like that?" Tucker asked. Tom looked at Tucker, he smiled a bit.

"Oh, is Tucker jealous?" Tom asked. Tucker's eyes snapped to Tom.

"No! How can I be jealous of someone I haven't met yet?!" Tucker asked.

"So you are jealous. You realize he's very shy, so if he already impressed your girlfriend without even having to speak then you need to bring your game up." Tom said. Sonja sighed, putting her hands on the counter.

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