Welcome to Etora! (Kingdom/ City Descriptions + Map)

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Welcome all to the new and improved version of End Of An Empire! Or at least trying to be the new and improved. For those of you that have read the previous versions, this story will be quite different from that. Update Day for this story is on Thursdays!

Welcome to Etora! A screwed up little place

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Welcome to Etora! A screwed up little place....but honestly, what place isn't screwed up nowadays?

Skaldia Kingdom:Home to the royal family, The Skylens

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Skaldia Kingdom:
Home to the royal family, The Skylens. The Skylens have a history of being not so nice. The kingdom itself is a military kingdom, made of of mostly soldiers, it may be small, but it's soldiers are not to be doubted. The current King is King Izic Skylen, a king that has a reputation for being violent, but what only the Skaldian citizens know is that King Izic does have kindness in his heart, but rarely seen. He usually is kind to his citizens and his family, until a tragic accident leading to the death of a family member pushed him over the edge.

During the Decade War was when the leadership abilities of the kingdom really shined, and one leader standed out above the others. His name is General Jason Probst, he commanded the Skaldian forces during most of the Decade War under King Izic's rule, the general has earned the respect of his soldiers and fellow generals and also the other Kingdoms as well. He's a favorite among not only his comrades but the citizens as well. Unfortunately, this took a turn for the worse when the General disappeared without a trace leading Skaldia to lose the war. Enraged at the abandonment of the General, King Izic deemed General Probst a traitor and a deserter. He is now a wanted criminal in Skaldia. 

Kingdom colors: Black & yellow
How to pronounce: Skull-de-ah

Estron Kingdom:
Home to the royal family, The Ellis. This royal family is known to always have a different agenda. Secrets linger in the castle, secrets that only the family members know. Secrets that could have a damaging effect on the citizens. But the citizens love the royal family, the family has a history of great Kings and Queens over their dynasty. They are the main center point for trading and the creator of naval forces. Their Navy is as strong as their on-ground forces.

The current King, King Nathan Ellis, is a well-loved and respect ruler, but behind the scenes is a different story. The King has docked his second eldest son, Prince Tyler Ellis, after an incident that nearly costed the Prince's life. Prince Ty is one of the best Naval Captains that Estron has, while his older brother, Prince Zachary, is in command of on-ground forces.

After the Decade War ended, months afterwards, a major investigation was launched by the Magic Council that was targeted at one of Estron's powerful allies, Master Seto Azdel. King Nathan acted immediately into defending Master Azdel. But the trial is still ongoing even to this day.

Kingdom Colors: Green & white
How to pronounce: Es-tron

Shivoa Kingdom:
Home to the royal family, The Hughes. This family has a bad habit of dying young, some do and some don't. The current King, King Mitchell Hughes, ascended to the throne when he was only 19 years old. A little too young for a Prince to become King. He ascended to the throne only due to the fact that the Kingdom was in war time and the previous King died, but the war was the Decade war to be more precise. The Shivoa citizens cut their new King a break back then due to his young age and inexperience of running a Kingdom, but not anymore. Now 26, King Mitchell isn't as much of a novice at running a kingdom as he was at 19. The kingdom has grown, it continues to grow more and more, accepting of mages and demi-humans, Shivoa is admired by its beauty and efficiency.

But tragedy struck that cause the kingdom to fall into a period of decay when Queen Jessica (Mitch's IRL girlfriend, NOT APHMAU) died when giving birth to the young Princess Samantha which devastated the King and the kingdom suffered while he neglected his duties making Princess Kyleigh, the King's sister, have to call King Nathan of Estron to help bring her brother back to his senses.

Kingdom colors: Red & black
How to pronounce: She-vo-ah

Avalon City:
Home to mages, demihumans, and humans. Though the mage population has been dwindling, so there are more demihumans and humans than there are mages. But this city is home to some of the most powerful figures in the magic community, like the Light Mage Elites and more.

Avalon does not pick a side since it is only a city, but the city does receive aid from Shivoa, Estron, and Isora City when it needs it. The city is a hotspot for vendors and anyone looking to start a business. The city isn't very well protected, except for the fact that most of the citizens within it can protect themselves and for those who can't are usually protected by others. Crime and murder happen often, but most deem that how it is in the city, seeing it as the norm.

How to pronounce: Av-a-lon

Tower of Mastery:
Located off on an island between Shivoa and Laenadur, the tower is a landmark in the light mage magic community, a place where you can usually find the biggest names in the magic community, the Light Mage Elites for example. The tower is mostly used as teaching grounds for apprentices but it can sometimes turn into a place where rituals are performed.

While the tower is deemed magic territory, more specificity, Light Mage territory, territory that isn't to be disturbed under any circumstance, problems from Dark Mages are common here and are usually dealt with effectively.

The Chaos Spire:
Located in dark mage territory. The Chaos Spire is known as tainted land as the land around it has been corrupted, the river and lake near it turning poisonous to any living thing. Not much is know about the spire other than the structure is a twisted tower-like structure housing more than what it seems. Other buildings owned by the dark mages have been found, but nothing of value or importance. The spire and the land around it have been deemed banned land to everyone who does not wish to die a painful death.

But some brave souls venture over to explore only to never come back.

Located on an island, Laenadur is the Magic Capitol, it is mostly comprised of buildings used by the Magic Council, with a few that are magic schools and shops in the mix.

Laenadur, the magic community basically, stays neutral when human conflict arises. They tend to not want to be involved and will only involve themselves if provoked and they have been provoked before. Laenadur was a well fortified city, but due to the mage population decreasing rapidly it leaves most of the buildings abandoned except for the centre buildings, the council buildings. The council within is still well active, the members are made up of powerful mages and/or descendants of great wizards. They do not work with Shivoa and Estron since they have made it clear of their neutral position to both Kingdoms. They do not want to be involved in any situations that are made by humans or demi-humans.

Recently, a major investigation launched when rumors reached the council's ears of Master Seto Azdel, a Light Mage Elite, breaking one of the major laws that state that mages cannot aid no human kingdom in the event of a war. The investigation has captured the entirely of Etora's interest and many known of it. But the only problem is that King Nathan Ellis defends Master Azdel with no comment from Shivoa yet. The investigation has been ongoing for two months now and while the broken law is serious, Master Azdel does not seem to be taking it seriously.

How to pronounce: Land-dur
City colors: Purple

Hope you all enjoyed! The first chapter is going to come out next week on Thursday! :)

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