| Chapter Ten | Mending Relationships or At Least Trying to

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Haven't published a chapter for any of my books for a week and a half....feels weird. Which is why I'm publishing this now since I don't have anything for Beyond The Screen for Sunday.

Redid the kingdom pictures, they were sneak peeks into this story. You'll see them all, only as the kingdoms are introduced into the story. And yes, there is a watermark on the photo. Enjoy the chapter! :)

"Whatever you're going through is temporary. Suicide is permanent. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. A permanent solution that isn't worth trying no matter what the temporary problem is."
~Seán McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)~

It was quiet, Sky sat on the driver's seat with Jordan sat beside him, holding the reins. Ty, Linda, and Vega in the wagon, three of the crew members, sat on horses around the wagon, mostly in the back. Sky leaned back against the wagon, Jordan glanced at him.

"If you want to ask me a question, now is your chance," Jordan told him. Sky hesitated at first, thinking.

"What happened at Estron?" Sky asked. Jordan bit his bottom lip back, staring ahead for a few moments before he spoke.

"I'm still trying to figure that out myself, to be honest. And I was expecting you to ask me something else." Jordan said before his eyes looked over at him before looking back ahead. Sky looked at him.

"I mean..." Sky mumbled off making Jordan smile a bit. Sky thought about what to say or more trying to figure out what's been going on so he knew what to say. "Why me? I'm not special or anything, you are General Jordan, you don't need me to fix any problem, you can handle that just fine by yourself." Jordan looked at him, leaning back against the wagon.

"Actually I can't, sure I could help King Mitchell and maybe Prince Zachary reclaim Estron, but all that would be meaningless if King Izic still sits on the throne of Skaldia. In order to stop all this, he needs to be dethroned." Jordan said. As Jordan spoke, Sky was slowly putting it together, his hand lightly hit Jordan's arm.

"Wait, wait. Wait...wait a second. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but why not have Prince Ty take Skaldia? He--"

"I agree that Prince Ty is a good leader, but he is hardly ready to become a King. He--"

"And what makes you think I am?" Sky asked him. Jordan smiled a bit, looking ahead.

"Skylens always have this unnatural ability to be leaders, Prince Anthony has it, he is a great leader, even I will admit it. He would make a great king one day. But technically King Izic was supposed to give you the throne once you hit fifteen." Jordan said making Sky tense up, not speaking. Jordan's eyes shifted to Sky. "As hard as this is to believe Sky, you are supposed to be the King of Skaldia right now, not King Izic. You never got the throne in the first place because you were too young. You aren't King Izic's son, you aren't Queen Theresa's son. You're King Izic's nephew. And since his brother was older than him, that means you were supposed to take the throne before him, he was only supposed to hold onto the throne till you were old you to ascend to it." Sky stared at him, still not speaking. Jordan turned a bit towards him. "I know, it's a lot to process and I don't expect you to believe me at all. I don't exactly have any evidence to back this up. But the reason you were never told was that we had to protect your identity, that's why you ended up with the Stapletons, they protected you--"

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