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EnderOni by NinjaNekoAru
EnderOniby NinjaNekoAru
It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 un...
Burning Wings (Discontinued Until Further Notice) by HarmonicShadows
Burning Wings (Discontinued Octavia Shadows
Mitch felt like his life was perfectly normal, well, at least as normal as life can be when you make YouTube videos for a living in a house with the six other lovable lu...
The Doll That Saved Team Crafted by CatOppp
The Doll That Saved Team Craftedby Cat
"How can the Team stay together like this?" "I can't stand it anymore, I'm going to go look for him. I'm not coming back till I find him" "That'...
Mc Youtubers Head cannons  by Fridaythekid
Mc Youtubers Head cannons by Sky Lambert
Head cannons for MC youtubers. Hope you like some of these head cannons.
Don't Forget  by CatOppp
Don't Forget by Cat
Everything is gone. I've lost anything and everyone that I once cared for. There's no point trying to be a hero anymore. Nothing is left worth saving. I can't take it wh...
Adopted by Markiplier + Razzbowski by almightyspaceace
Adopted by Markiplier + Razzbowskiby Bi™
Adopted by Markiplier and Razzbowski
Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF) by natureprincess48
Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF)by Moved To ArtistDreamcatcher
I really like Team Crafted, so Imma write a fanfic about them! Hope you enjoy!
The Plague by Falloutfandoms
The Plagueby Ḥ̘͎̝̹͙̍̄̇͂̾̊̓̊͋͌͊͗̎ͩĔ̃̿̊̍ͩ̇...
All is good in the lives of Team Crafted. Videos being made daily, living together in the TC house, what could possibly go wrong? Well, when the team starts to fall one...
The Sky Army's Defeat by Bloxiegirl123
The Sky Army's Defeatby Salty Brat
Sky Army's most feared day has arrived. The day of their defeat. The worst part. The squids had been the ones to bring them down. Join Sky as he meets new friends in...
Secret Ssundee by Mollinia
Secret Ssundeeby Mollinia
Ian was born with his eyes shut, and could not get them open. This was for the best, as open eyes brought a big surprise, but nobody knew that until it was too late. The...
Bullied By Team Crafted by TheMajesticWolfie
Bullied By Team Craftedby It is I, Majestic
Misty has her own creative style but someone *Cough Cough* Team Crafted doesn't like her one bit. They decide to try to bully her till she leaves the school but she may...
Grasping Fate [F2R Book 2] by CATtheDrawer
Grasping Fate [F2R Book 2]by Milah (WrittenDarkness)
In the search to recover his magic, Seto discovers a daunting secret of his past and the true nature of his sight magic. These truths do little to encourage him as he f...
Minecraft Youtuber Stuff by valleyofthesun
Minecraft Youtuber Stuffby commit arson
Yes, I have officially lost my shit! This book will contain headcanons, one-shots, AU ideas, songfics, etc. for random MCYTs. This book will not contain Hermitcraft foc...
The Book Of Random by hypebrat
The Book Of Randomby kat
Hello and welcome to 'The Book Of Random!' This book contains some jokes quotes and many many more! WARNING This book may be highly offensive to some people. In my opini...
Hybrid Gods #Wattys2018 (UNDER EDITING) by 05andDishonor
Hybrid Gods #Wattys2018 (UNDER iwanttokashootmyself
CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING Whenever someone is born, their Mob God is chosen. The Mob God can be any mob in the world, going from a chicken to an Ender Dragon. Sky isn't ha...
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate] by CATtheDrawer
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate]by Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Wielding the power of magic makes you a sorcerer. Being sorcerer is a crime against the kingdom of Emedo and its ally, Keuta. When Seto finds out he belongs to this race...
Stampy's Dark Side by melavsvs
Stampy's Dark Sideby Carmela
Hey,guys mela here again soooo this my story is all about stampy's dark side,so yeah I hope you gonna enjoy this book (The cover draw by me) Stampy was a good cat who h...
Lost Light (Book One in the Legends of Minecraftia Series) by Spacezii
Lost Light (Book One in the Spacezii
Giant Problems (On Hold) by EnderShadeMC
Giant Problems (On Hold)by Moved Account
In 2146, an apocalypse had happened, one that almost wiped out the human race. All 7 billion humans had been minding their own business when one day, gargantuan human-li...
FLASHBULB MEMORY // [Team Crafted] by boyishlydogsled
FLASHBULB MEMORY // [Team Crafted]by boyishlydogsled
The noise of the train grew louder. Its whistle blew. The sound was deafening. Somehow he was still able to hear the shouts and screams from the boys beside him, from hi...